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DOR-2-DOR Specialises in Leaflet Distribution

For over 30 years, DOR-2-DOR has provided businesses with premium design, printing and distribution services. If you take one of the franchise opportunities the brand is offering, you’ll be able to use its successful business model to make your mark in the industry.

Remarkable Designs That Immediately Catch the Eye

It’s an inarguable fact that many leaflets are often discarded without being read. But DOR-2-DOR has found a way to overcome this seemingly insurmountable obstacle. Each leaflet the company distributes is designed in close consultation with its clients. These are often commercial entities looking to increase their exposure within their local community. The DOR-2-DOR team is able to summarise the specific message each of these businesses wants to get across within one concise, attention-grabbing opening page.

In addition to leaflet design and distribution, DOR-2-DOR is also able to provide expert printing services. Customers are able to use pre-existing, editable online templates to speed up the process and get not only high-quality leaflets but flyers, business cards and stationery, too.

Provide the Brand’s Services in Your Own Territory

If you invest in a DOR-2-DOR franchise, you’ll be able to enter the extremely lucrative direct marketing industry with the full support of a recognised brand.

DOR-2-DOR will allocate you an exclusive territory – meaning that no other franchisee will be allowed to capitalise on the business opportunities within it. This territory will be fully mapped out for you and split into distribution zones. You’ll also be provided with full training in all aspects of the operation as well as given access to the brand’s software. This will include the DELIVER-IT system, which will enable you to manage your clients, staff and operation as a whole in a more efficient manner.

DOR-2-DOR won’t force you to work in an office of a particular size. You’ll be free to launch your franchise while home-based. Then, once your enterprise has grown sufficiently, you’ll have the option of moving into a full brick-and-mortar establishment. What other franchisor would allow you such flexibility?

Who Can Take This Franchise Opportunity?

To partner with DOR-2-DOR and run your own franchise courier company, you’ll need to be confident in marketing and selling your services. You must also be a willing team player capable of consulting with both your fellow franchisees and the brand’s head office on a regular basis. A background in business management will, of course, be beneficial but isn’t absolutely essential.

Learn What a DOR-2-DOR Franchise Costs

A standard sized DOR-2-DOR territory contains between 50,000 and 100,000 households. In order to operate within one of these areas, you’ll need to pay £9,950 plus VAT. Larger territories are available, but they’ll cost more. Exact figures for these will be provided upon application.

In exchange for this low cost investment, you’ll get an all-inclusive franchise-starter pack. This will include training, marketing materials, bespoke software, delivery round mapping and more.

Requesting Funding

Courier franchises like this succeed frequently. As a result, it will be easier than you might think to get the financial aid you require to invest – go to your local bank and present your business plan.

DOR-2-DOR Will Be There For You

Following the completion of your training programme, you’ll be fully prepared to operate your courier business franchise. But if you feel you need further instruction, you can access the company’s exhaustive online resources whenever you choose. What’s more, the team at the brand’s head office will be ready to provide you with advice and guidance when you call in. However, it’s not just them you can speak to. You will be able to reach out to your fellow franchisees by using the brand’s forum, too.

DOR-2-DOR will also do everything within its power to ensure your business gets the exposure it needs. You’ll get a local website that will be search engine optimised and accessible from any smart device. Marketing materials will be sent to you as well.

How Can You Get Further Details?

If you’re contemplating pursuing this franchise opportunity, send an enquiry and request further information. It’s easily done – fill out this form and submit it. It will take just seconds.

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