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What Is Charge Point?

Charge Point is a business that provides convenient mobile phone charging units. These machines are usually installed in public properties including, but not limited to, pubs, bars and restaurants.

But in order to get more of these units installed, Charge Point needs entrepreneurs to take the franchise opportunities it’s offering…

The Units Can Be Installed in Any Suitable Public Property

The charging stations are relatively small and unobtrusive. They’re usually fixed to walls and feature two separate secure mobile phone charging lockers. All modern smartphones are compatible. Charge Point installs the units in properties on a case-by-case basis and with the express permission of a given property owner.

Why You Should Partner With the Brand

Phones are pervasive. Everyone has one and they all need charging. If you become a Charge Point franchise partner, you’ll be able to capitalise on these limitless business opportunities.

Your responsibilities will be simple. You must facilitate the installation of as many Charge Point units as possible within your exclusive territory. You’ll do this by talking to public property owners and convincing them of the benefits of these innovative machines. The advanced software within each unit will calculate your income. Plus, they only take roughly 30 minutes to install and very rarely need maintenance. All you’ll need to do is occasionally empty them of coins.

Worried that you won’t be able to convince property owners to have the Charge Point units installed? Don’t be. They gain so many advantages that they’re unlikely to turn you down. For instance, they won’t be charged a penny, they’ll receive a portion of the profits and won’t be held responsible in the unlikely event of phone theft. In fact, any devices that are connected to the units will be automatically covered by full insurance. Further to this, more customers will be attracted to their store or premises because it features a charging point. There’s really no downside!

Of course, due to the nature of the operation, your franchise can be completely home-based. There will be no need to rent or buy an office and you won’t need to employ staff. It goes without saying that this will keep your monthly costs as low as possible.

Who Charge Point Is Looking for

This is unlike other cell phone franchise opportunities. You won’t be running a phone shop. Instead you’ll be actively searching out new properties where Charge Point units can be installed. As a result of this, a background in either sales or marketing will be highly beneficial as you’ll need to convince each individual property owner of the benefits. However, this kind of experience isn’t a prerequisite as you’ll be given full training after you’ve become a franchisee.

How Much You’ll Have to Invest

To cover the Charge Point franchise costs, you’ll need to provide a minimum of £6,000 upfront. The overall investment will come to a total of approximately £32,000. After you’ve paid, you’ll be given a comprehensive package. This will include a demo charging unit, in addition to five standard charging units, as well your own website, branded workwear, marketing materials and more.

You Can Get Financing From Money Lenders

Charge Point is currently unable to offer finance to new franchisees. But due to the fact that mobile phone franchises are so often successful, it’s very likely that you’ll be able to secure funding from another source. You should start with your local bank. Write a full business plan – describe the franchise opportunity, state the exact amount of capital you require and provide a full breakdown of your strategy. Bear in mind that you’ll also be expected to have a good credit score and your level of income will need to be at a certain level.

Expect Extensive Training & Continuous Support

Prior to the launch of your mobile phone franchise, you’ll be taught how to install Charge Point’s units and perform any necessary maintenance. You’ll also be given instructions with regard to the brand’s business processes.

Charge Point will ensure you get off to the best possible start by providing you with marketing support that consists of a full pack of digital and physical materials.

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