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BusyLizzy Franchise – Organise Teams of Postnatal Fitness Trainers

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About BusyLizzy

BusyLizzy helps mothers recover their pre-pregnancy conditioning through enjoyable fitness classes. Since forming in 2011, the brand has gone from strength to strength and is now offering franchise opportunities to motivated business people. That includes you.

Postnatal Fitness Made Fun

How has BusyLizzy capitalised on the many business opportunities in the postnatal fitness market? It’s simple – by offering completely convenient classes both online and in-person. They’re simply ideal for fitting into the packed schedules of new mothers.

Customers can choose from several class types. These include pilates for stretching and strengthening, yoga to enhance the core, aerobics to tone, boot camp to burn calories and more. All appointments are usually performed in a community venue and customers are encouraged to bring their children so they don’t have to arrange for childcare.

In addition to postnatal fitness, BusyLizzy is also able to offer baby classes. This encompasses massages, yoga, music and so on. They’re designed to provide mothers with an extra layer of support.

This Is Purely an Online Franchise Opportunity

You won’t be asked to take the fitness classes themselves. As a BusyLizzy franchise owner, your role will be to manage your professionally trained instructors, market the operation, book venues and generate income through subscriptions. The best part? You’ll be able to accomplish all of this online – you can be completely home based! As a result of this, both your monthly expenses and your own personal financial risk will be greatly reduced.

It also goes without saying that BusyLizzy will do all it can to support you once your franchise launches. The team at the brand’s head office will help you recruit and train the right staff, identify the best locations for classes, plan lessons and that’s far from all.

What Experience Do You Need?

To invest in other fitness franchises, you may need to have a background in the industry. There’s no such prerequisite with BusyLizzy. In fact, many current franchisees were accepted based on their experience in business management and marketing, as well as their organisational and communication skills. Does this sound like you? Apply now.

The Outlay Explained

BusyLizzy franchise costs come to approximately £18,500 + VAT. This includes £9,999 + VAT in franchise fees and other additional expenses. The package secures you exclusive rights to a territory for a full five years, training, marketing assistance, ongoing support and more.

Bear in mind that the brand recommends any franchisees have at least £5,000 of working capital. Plus, a total of 12% of your monthly sales turnover will be taken to cover royalty and marketing fees.

BusyLizzy Can Help You Secure Funding

BusyLizzy has made connections with several financial institutions that will be able to finance a maximum of 70% of your investment. This being said, you’ll need an excellent credit rating in order to qualify for this kind of support. Wondering why investors will be so willing to help you? Online franchises, especially those backed by resourceful brands like BusyLizzy, represent truly viable business opportunities that lead to a great return on investment. The statistics back this up.

Get Access to Comprehensive Online Resources

The BusyLizzy online training portal has been specially created to help new franchisees acclimatise to online business franchise ownership. Once you’ve signed your agreement, you’ll be given access and have the chance to go through fifteen individual sessions. Following each lesson, you’ll have an online meeting with the BusyLizzy team so you can get any questions answered.

Further to this, you’ll be able to take a financial training course, which will instruct you in how to manage your new venture. Then, once you’ve completed this training programme, BusyLizzy will help you set up your fitness club.

Once you’re operational, the team will also be happy to provide you with expert assistance when it comes to social media promotions, advertising material designs and other general marketing support. But this isn’t all the ongoing support you’ll receive…

The BusyLizzy network is made up of like-minded franchisees. If at any point you’re unsure of how to proceed, you can reach out to one of the other business owners in the chain, and get the advice you seek.

More Details Are Available

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