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Simply stated, Nettl provides its customers with specialist web design, printing for marketing purposes and more. The brand also gives existing companies and aspiring entrepreneurs the ability to provide these services. To do this, they must invest in a partnership with Nettl. You can take this remarkable franchise opportunity, too.

Providing All the Support New & Established Businesses Need…

Breaking through to potential clients and building a loyal customer base has never been harder. Doing so often requires approaching a number of separate marketing and web design organisations for assistance. Nettl gives businesses the ability to get all their needs met by a single brand. This includes the creation of easy-to-use and attractive websites for booking or eCommerce purposes. All this in addition to the printing of professional standard business cards, leaflets, corporate stationery or even display stands.

Partner With Nettl & Inherit a Strong Technological Infrastructure

If you own a printing company, web agency or graphic design business, becoming a Nettl franchise partner is a no-brainer. The breadth of services you’ll be able to offer your clients will be greatly increased and you’ll be able to rely on the technical expertise of Nettl’s in-house staff.

The support of the Nettl team will give you the means and confidence to take on more complex projects. These experts have created what they call ‘fast paths’ – digital blueprints that you’ll be able to follow to create systems that enable online reservations, click and collect and so on. Having this capability will see more customers come through your doors to ask for your specialist assistance.

More clients. Higher revenue. Better profits.

The Skills & Resources You’ll Require

To join this network of IT and computer franchises, you must be a confident communicator, familiar with both marketing and technology. But you don’t need to be an expert in either field as comprehensive training will be provided.

Upon the launch of your online franchise, you should be set up in a fully equipped office space with at least one fully trained graphic designer on your payroll. So you can offer all the services Nettl customers expect.

A Small Set-up Fee & Affordable Monthly Payments – Nettl Franchise Costs

To begin, you’ll need to cover a licence fee that will range between £3,995 and £5,995 + VAT, depending on the area in which you want to launch your new online franchise business. In exchange for this payment, you’ll receive thorough training, access to Nettl’s bespoke systems and marketing assistance and that’s far from all.

Ongoing fees will vary based on whether you choose the ‘Littl Nettl’ or ‘All-inclusive’ package. These will be £399 or £1,250 per month, respectively. In addition, for every project you complete using the brand’s systems, you’ll be required to pay a 17.5% royalty fee.

What if You Don’t Have All the Money You Need?

Online franchises allow aspiring entrepreneurs, like you, to build from a solid foundation. It goes without saying that this is less risky not only for you but for any investors who help you cover your start-up costs, too. So, if you need help covering your investment into a Nettl franchise, don’t hesitate to go to a high street bank and ask for financial support.

You’ll Have Ample Opportunity to Learn the Ropes

An intensive in-classroom training programme will cover everything you need to know about running your online business franchise. This will include the basics of Nettl’s bespoke technology as well as how to prepare designs for printing. Once you’ve undergone this process, you’ll be able to continue your learning with the aid of regular webinars as well as detailed online resources.

Your ongoing support from Nettl will be provided through a dedicated business development manager. This seasoned professional will have years of experience running their own online franchise and will be able to answer any questions you may have. They will also be able to help you recruit the right staff and effectively market your services to new customers in your area.

But the main advantage of being a Nettl franchise partner is having access to technical experts who can tell you how to meet all your customers’ needs and the software you need to do so.

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