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An Overview of Prokill Pest Prevention

Prokill Pest Prevention has been neutralising pest infestations in commercial and residential properties since 2003. The company’s highly trained team is able to tackle a wide range of insects, rodents, birds and wildlife.

Don’t miss out on the fantastic franchise opportunities Prokill is offering! Keep reading to find out how you can start your own pest control business under the brand’s umbrella.

The Prokill Process

Prokill Pest Prevention’s expert team has developed a systematic approach to pest control…

To begin with, they speak to a customer over the phone and ascertain the specific problem. Following this, they go to the client’s property, carry out a full evaluation and prepare a plan. This strategy is then implemented in a way that causes a minimum of disruption to the customer’s normal schedule. The process is made as simple as possible.

Each of the company’s services is performed exclusively by technicians who hold at least a level 2 certificate in pest management. These seasoned specialists bring all of the necessary equipment with them.

Why You Should Consider Investing

Pest control franchises are popular with aspiring entrepreneurs for a reason. This is a tough market to break through in as customers will only trust brands with a history of both success and discretion to eliminate their pest issue. As a Prokill Pest Prevention franchise partner, you’ll inherit the company’s reputation. Consequently, you won’t have any issue obtaining and then retaining clients.

You’ll be home based initially within an exclusive territory full of potential business opportunities. Then, as you grow your enterprise and take on staff, you’ll move into a traditional office. From day-to-day, you’ll respond to enquiries, promote your business throughout your area, offer free surveys to prospective customers and perform pest control services. You’ll delegate jobs to your team, as necessary, and set your personal schedule. It will be up to you how many hours you work. Prokill won’t interfere.

A Candidate Needs…

Ambition, dedication and determination. In addition, you must be comfortable interacting with customers, marketing your services and organising your own schedule. If you have these attributes, don’t hesitate to apply for this remarkable pest control franchise opportunity.

What’s the Price?

A Prokill Pest Prevention franchise costs approximately £52,000. You’ll need to pay at least £15,000 of this in unencumbered funds – the remainder can be provided through a bank loan, if necessary. You will, of course, also require a suitably sized vehicle to transport your equipment from customer to customer. This expense is not included in the above figure. But Prokill will be able to advise you once you’ve contacted them.

What can you expect in return? Complete training, invaluable marketing guidance, continuous support and so much more.

How You Can Secure Financing

Most major banks have franchise departments dedicated to providing funding to prospective franchisees. To ensure your loan request is successful, you’ll need to create a business plan. This documentation must describe the franchise opportunity in full, showcase your operational structure and include an in-depth financial analysis. As Prokill Pest Prevention is a prominent brand with a long history of success, you can expect money lenders to provide capital that covers up to 70% of the initial investment requirements. This being said, funding will only be provided to you, subject to status. What does this mean? Simply stated, your current credit score and income level must meet certain criteria. Keep in mind that each bank will have different requirements.

You’ll Undergo Seven Weeks of Training

This intensive programme will take place in a classroom environment as well as out in the field. You’ll be given an overview of the Prokill Pest Prevention operation – marketing, customer service, equipment, daily procedures and so on. You’ll also be trained to become a qualified pest controller and will practice completing services.

Once your training is over, you’ll start your pest control franchise and act as your own boss. But this doesn’t mean you’ll no longer be supported. The Prokill Pest Prevention team will continue to advise you, as needed. They will just be a phone call or email away.

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