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Husse Gives Pet Owners a Convenient Food Solution

Husse is a renowned pet food enterprise that’s currently active all across the world. Already a leading provider in a booming market, Husse is still looking to expand its reach even further. To accomplish this, the brand is offering franchise opportunities to driven and determined entrepreneurs.

High-quality Pet Food Delivered Directly to Customers

Husse provides pet owners with the complete convenience of having healthy and entirely natural food products for their beloved four-legged friends brought straight to their doors. The brand’s award-winning and cost-efficient offerings are made entirely from human-grade ingredients and have been proven to have excellent health benefits for both cats and dogs.

Husse has hundreds of options for its customers to choose from. This includes food that fulfils a wide range of dietary requirements for many different breeds. Pet owners can also get expert recommendations from the company’s seasoned and experienced team.

What’s more, in the rare event that a client is in any way dissatisfied with the products they receive, they’re protected by the brand’s 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for up to 30 days after their purchase.

What You’ll Get if You Take This Franchise Opportunity

Searching for a low cost, high reward venture that gives you the chance to operate as your own boss? Look no further – become a Husse franchise partner. Your role will be to recommend, sell and deliver Husse’s food products to the customers in your given area. You’ll be fully trained and then assigned an exclusive territory in which you’ll be free to build your business and make your mark. Plus, you’ll be supported every step of the way by industry veterans who will always be just a phone call or email away.

Pet owners want the best for their companions. Consequently, they’ll only buy from brands which have excellent reputations and good track records of success. By buying into a Husse franchise, you’ll inherit the trust that the company has built over its years in the market.

Husse Franchisees – the Ideal Candidate Profile

To take on the responsibilities associated with this type of pet franchise business, you’ll need to be extremely comfortable in social situations. A background in sales will also be beneficial. Don’t forget, you’ll be tasked with convincing potential customers to choose Husse products over other prominent pet food companies! This being said, you won’t need specific experience within the pet industry.

What Are Your Investment Options?

You’ll find that Husse franchise costs vary based on the package you choose.

The brand’s Silver package is £7,900 + VAT and will give you a territory 35,000 households strong. The Gold is £10,900 + VAT and covers 60,000 households. The Platinum is £14,900 + VAT and is for 80,000 households.

Each package contains the same level of training and support, but they differ in the amounts of samples, marketing materials and food packages provided.

Request Support From Your Bank

If you find yourself unable to cover the initial investment, you can ask for a loan. However, investors will insist on seeing a detailed business plan before they provide any financing. Thankfully, there’s statistical evidence to back you up – almost all pet care and food franchises succeed and become profitable.

A Training Programme That Covers All the Essentials

Choose to move forward with Husse and you’ll undergo intensive training in not only the brand’s bespoke systems, but sales, marketing and pet nutrition, too. You’ll even earn a qualification from the Centre of Excellence.

Then, once your pet food franchise is fully operational, you’ll get full, ongoing support. This will include further advanced training delivered by way of online education resources, webinars, seminars and developmental meetings. In addition to this, you’ll get access to the brand’s graphic designer who will assist you with your marketing needs. And this isn’t to mention the invaluable help and advice you’ll receive from Husse’s accomplished in-house experts whenever you need it.

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