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Fireaway Pizza Delivers High-Quality Fast Food at Greater Speeds

Fireaway Pizza is a true success story! Founded in 2016, the brand has become famous for its superior recipes and the customisation it allows its customers.

Did you know you can join the Fireaway Pizza family? The company already has many franchisees and further franchise opportunities remain open. Learn more below.

Authentic Artisan Pizza in 180 Seconds

Each of the company’s delightful offerings is cooked in a special fire oven that’s consistently kept at a full 400 degrees. The pizzas are flavourful and cooked in a flash. The dough is handmade, the vegetables are fresh, the meat is delicious and the options are vast. Customers are able to choose exactly how their pizzas are made. This includes the type of base, cheese and other toppings.

Moreover, Fireaway Pizza has taken steps to ensure its chefs can fulfil a wide range of dietary requirements. This includes options for vegans and vegetarians.

The Franchise Opportunity Revealed

You could start your own Fireaway Pizza franchise in an exclusive territory. The company will give you the tools, training and systems you need to create an establishment you can be proud of. When you’re operational, you’ll be able to take all business opportunities within an approximately two-mile radius around your outlet.

Pizza franchise opportunities like this one give you strong advantages. These include, but aren’t limited to, a pre-established brand identity and a proven business model.

A recognisable brand name will ensure you get off to the best possible start. There won’t be any need for you to build a reputation from scratch. Consumers will know you offer quality pizzas because of their experiences with Fireaway Pizza in the past. While following a tried and tested model will enable you to avoid obstacles that independent start-ups often hit into. Thus your own personal financial risk will be reduced.

No Previous Experience is Necessary

Running pizza franchises does require training as well as communication and organisational skills. But the franchise team at Fireaway Pizza don’t expect applicants to have worked in the pizza industry before. This being said, it will be beneficial if you’re able to show that you’ve managed teams of staff in the past in other settings. Plus, you’ll need to be a hard worker, willing to put in the long hours necessary to get your new venture off the ground.

Wondering How Much a Fireaway Pizza Franchise Costs?

Fireaway Pizza states that the average cost of outfitting a shop approximately 500 square feet in size is £85,000. Although, some equipment can be leased, which will reduce the overall initial investment requirements. You’ll also be expected to pay an ongoing monthly franchise fee of £349. But prices can vary.

In return, you’ll be properly trained, provided with marketing support and more. The brand won’t take a percentage of each of your sales and after two years in business, you should expect circa £500,000 in revenue.

Banks Make Loans Available to Prospective Franchisees

But you can’t just say you’ve found a pizza franchise for sale and you want help investing in it. In order to secure funding, you’ll have to explain exactly what your plan is. To do this, you’ll have to complete a formal presentation of your business strategy. This should encompass a financial forecast, what your operational structure will be, how you’re going to market your enterprise and so on.

If you’re beginning to become concerned, don’t. Pizza franchises are often successful, and Fireaway Pizza has many active franchisees who have profitable businesses. This will show investors that your plan is worth backing.

You’ll Be Trained & Supported

The thought of starting your own pizza franchise can be daunting. But there’s no need to be nervous when you have Fireaway Pizza in your corner. The brand has provided quality training and support to its franchisees for years. The team will know exactly how to assist you. To this end, the company will offer you the services of fully trained chefs from Italy to help you get started.

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