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Agency Express Franchise – Manage & Maintain Estate Agency Boards

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Why You Should Get to Know Agency Express

Agency Express is an acclaimed provider of board maintenance services specifically for independent and corporate estate and letting agencies. The company is made up of a network of over 100 franchisees, each working within their own exclusive territory. These low cost, high reward franchise opportunities are still open and you can take advantage of them.

Discover Proven Estate Agency Board Services

Estate agencies come to Agency Express for an enhanced public presence and complete convenience. It’s why the brand has been so successful in capitalising on the many business opportunities in this niche sector of the property market. But what exactly does the company offer?

The team at Agency Express is able to put up, collect and maintain estate agent boards in a cost-efficient manner. Further to this, they’re also able to offer professional storage services expressly for these boards, so their clients can use them in the future and not simply buy more.

Agency Express’ clientele is able to benefit from the brand’s innovative all-in-one SignMaster3 application. Using any smart device, an estate agent can quickly add a new listing and arrange for a new board to be erected. Moreover, they can manage their existing boards and update any existing instructions as well as keep track of the current progress of their new requests in real-time.

Agency Express Franchisees Enjoy Many Benefits

You should know that an Agency Express franchise is unlike traditional property & real estate franchises. You won’t be buying or selling properties or keeping them well-maintained. Your role will be to erect and then maintain estate agent boards within your set territory. To aid you in this task, you’ll be given access to the brand’s special SignMaster3 system. It will reduce your daily admin requirements and give you a set schedule of tasks to complete from day-to-day.

Once you’ve signed on the dotted line, you’ll get help setting up your business and be trained so you’re properly prepared before it launches. By going this route, your personal risk will be greatly reduced. You’ll be able to use the Agency Express brand to establish a customer base far more quickly than if you had started your own independent company.

Could You be a Successful Applicant?

You won’t be running a standard property franchise. As a result, you won’t need any specific industry-related qualifications to apply. This being said, due to the nature of the services you’ll be providing, you must have a full drivers licence. In addition, you should be disciplined, motivated and determined to achieve the highest standards.

Pay a Fair Price

£24,500 + VAT will see all Agency Express franchise costs covered. Making this payment will also get you a full franchise package. This includes, a 10 year renewable territory licence, training, a deposit on a branded van, equipment, public liability insurance and much more.

A Loan Can Get You Started

Property franchise opportunities like this one shouldn’t be passed up. Even if you don’t have the necessary capital to cover the initial investment – there are other ways you can proceed. One such way is to request a loan from a bank. With a clearly structured business plan on hand, and Agency Express behind you, you should be able to get significant financing.

Ongoing Support Is Guaranteed

While operating as an Agency Express franchise partner, you’ll be able to lean on the experience of the brand’s seasoned professionals. They will be ready to answer your calls and give you the advice you need. Plus, they will keep as much off your plate as possible, by handling all your customer accounts and invoicing.

But before you get to this stage, you’ll complete a full training programme. This will last for up to eight days and cover a wide range of subjects including marketing. Bear in mind that sessions will be performed both at the brand’s head office and within a real Agency Express territory that’s in active use. While in practical situations, you’ll be able to work under supervision and get to grips with the tasks that you’ll need to complete on a daily basis.

How You Can Get Started

If you’re contemplating taking this franchise opportunity, send an enquiry and request further information. It’s easily done – fill out this form and submit it. It will take just seconds.

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