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An Introduction to Platinum Property Partners

Platinum Property Partners was created for the sole purpose of helping entrepreneurs form, and then profit from, their own property businesses. Today, this network of property and real estate franchises consists of almost 400 franchisees. And there are many franchise opportunities still open!

An Enterprise Built on HMOs

HMOs is an acronym for Houses in Multiple Occupation. These are single properties that have been converted into multiple-bedroom homes suitable for three or more tenants. HMOs often generate a level of rent revenue that far exceeds that which can be earned from a standard rental property. As a result of this, HMOs give property owners a large, sustained return on their investment from year-to-year.

Platinum Property Partners teaches its franchisees to fully capitalise on these business opportunities. They are told how to avoid mistakes commonly made by independent property investors such as buying houses in undesirable locations or renovating in a cost-inefficient manner. In addition, they’re told how to navigate the many legal and licensing issues that can arise when undertaking this particular buy-to-let strategy.

The Property Investment Process Is Made Easy for Franchisees

If you invest in a Platinum Property Partners franchise, you’ll be given all the assistance you need to purchase properties, convert them into HMOs and then find the right tenants to occupy them. As time goes on, you’ll build your own extensive property portfolio from which you’ll earn a highly desirable income.

Buying mentors. Financial experts. Legislation consultants. Renovation specialists. Marketing gurus. Platinum Property Partners have them all. They’ll act as your support network through every step of the process.

Don’t forget, this is a business model that has been proven successful time and time again, over the course of more than a decade. You’ll be hard-pressed to find real estate franchise opportunities that involve less risk.

Never Bought Properties Before? No Problem

Unlike other real estate franchise companies, Platinum Property Partners won’t insist that you have any previous experience within the property industry before you apply. This being said, you’ll need to be self-motivated and disciplined and have the drive to succeed.

You Should Be Aware of These Financial Figures

The Platinum Property Partners franchise costs include a minimum investment of £300,000 and franchise fees of £32,970 + VAT. You’ll be given training, access to a team of over 50 industry experts and much more.

You should expect to make approximately £150,000 in your first two years of operation. Also, on average, you’ll earn approximately £20,000 per property, per year.

How You Can Raise Capital

It goes without saying that to buy a real estate franchise like this one, you’ll need a lot of capital. If you need to borrow money to cover the initial investment, you can ask your bank for a loan. Remember, you’re partnering with a high-profile brand with a track record of success. That will give investors the encouragement they need to support you.

Platinum Property Partners also has connections with experts who will not only help ensure you spend your money efficiently but get you the best deals, too.

You’ll Be Carefully Mentored & Coached

Prior to starting your real estate franchise, Platinum Property Partners will ask you to undertake training. This programme will consist of instruction in buying, renovating, finance, tenant care, legislation and that’s far from all. Once you’ve completed this training, you’ll be able to take the first steps to building your own property portfolio. But you won’t ever be left without support…

At Platinum Property Partners’ head office is a substantial team with specialists in every property field. Throughout the course of your time as a franchisee, you’ll be able to rely on their advice and guidance. They’ll show you what to avoid, how to save money, how to remain compliant with current property laws and more.

The brand won’t see you as just another franchisee. They’ll see you as a valuable partner – your success is Platinum Property Partners’ success.

Moving Forward With This Special Franchise Opportunity

If you’re contemplating pursuing this franchise opportunity, send an enquiry and request further information. It’s easily done – fill out this form and submit it. It will take just seconds.

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