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Guarantee gross profits between 25 to 40%, with some products offering a recurring annual income.

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What’s Coensus-hr?

Coensus-hr is a distributor for Prevue HR, a leading provider of psychometric assessment tools. Specifically, this is software that helps businesses find the right recruits. You’re now able to aid Coensus-hr in delivering these systems to many new clients. Learn more about these franchise opportunities here.

Psychometric Assessments Explained

Prevue HR’s systems streamline recruitment processes. Costs are reduced and the chance of finding the right applicant is raised. This software facilitates psychometric assessments. Effectively a psychological analysis of each potential employee’s strengths and weaknesses, and their overall suitability for the role in question.

You Can Help Coensus-hr Distribute Prevue HR’s Products

This isn’t like other recruitment franchise opportunities – you won’t be a consultant. As a Coensus-hr franchise partner and distributor, your job will be to identify customers who would benefit from Prevue HR’s high-end assessment systems. These clients will normally be commercial entities that want to keep their recruiting costs as low as possible while still finding the best candidates for the job.

Once you’ve found a potential customer, you’ll need to effectively showcase the advantages of all of Prevue’s software, including the celebrated Application Tracking System. But bear in mind that the company will train you to do this. The other benefits you’ll be able to present include the Unlimited Use License. This allows clients to use all Prevue systems for just one single monthly subscription.

You’ll gain income from every sale and your operation could become profitable very quickly. For instance, if you were to sell a full Prevue system suite to an enterprise that has approximately 150 employees, you could earn circa £1,611 per year from just that one client!

This Franchise Opportunity Is Perfect for Those Already in the Recruitment Sector

Are you a consultant, coach or otherwise employed in the recruitment industry? You can greatly enhance your offerings to your existing clients by offering them access to Prevue HR’s systems. All it takes is a little training!

But this isn’t to say that you must be in one of these roles. Coensus-hr is also happy to partner with aspiring, computer-literate entrepreneurs with no background in recruitment. If you’re eager to help the brand distribute Prevue’s products further afield, and are willing to learn every aspect of the systems, you’re welcome to apply.

The Starting Package

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more low cost franchise business for sale. For just £2,500 + VAT, you can cover all the Coensus-hr franchise costs. This starting package will encompass start-up assistance, marketing and ongoing support. Also included are 20 full Prevue assessments. These are worth £2,400. All you have to do is sell them.

Another key point to consider is that you will retain the entirety of any support and consultancy fees you charge your customers. In addition, Coensus-hr estimates that the majority of franchisees will have a gross profit margin of between 25% and 40%. Consequently, you’ll be able to quickly recoup your investment.

In the Event You Can’t Pay the Fees Upfront…

Prepare a business plan and present it in your bank’s franchise department. While considering your loan request, investors will take into account that Coensus-hr is a recognised brand, and its support will mean it’s far less likely that your venture will fail.

Training & Support for Franchisees

There are many recruitment franchises currently active in the industry. But this one is unique. You won’t need to be trained to perform consultancy services. That being said, you’ll need to be properly prepared to use all of Prevue HR’s sophisticated recruiting software so you can competently show it off to potential clients. Following your initial online training, you’ll have the option to ask the technical support team to offer you more advanced training, particularly with the APS pro – Applicant Tracking System.

Further to this, the team at Coensus-hr will help you with sales and marketing so your launch goes off without a hitch. Plus, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need help identifying more business opportunities, you can contact the Coensus-hr support team for advice.

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