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Driver Hire is a recruitment agency that specialises in identifying appropriately skilled drivers and logistics staff for enterprises that run transport operations. The brand currently has a large number of active franchisees, many of whom have become profitable in their own right.

You could be the next entrepreneur that benefits from the remarkable franchise opportunities that Driver Hire is offering…

Presenting a Substantial Recruitment Network

In order for a transport operation to succeed, all the drivers and logistics staff taking part in the process must be fully qualified, skilled and capable. But it can be difficult to ensure this is the case – this is where Driver Hire comes in. The brand is able to provide businesses with 24/7 specialist recruitment services. These can be used to fill both temporary and permanent positions and are as cost-effective as possible.

It should be pointed out that the team at Driver Hire doesn’t just find candidates and tick a box. They take the time to find the best. This entails assessing individual competencies, requesting verifiable references and more. They also don’t exclusively assist businesses. Candidates looking for work in this particular field are able to come to Driver Hire to get guidance. In fact, they can even get advanced training support that will allow them to obtain the qualifications they need to work for certain companies.

Don’t forget, there are many business opportunities in this niche market, and Driver Hire has discovered how to capitalise on them all.

Why You Should Consider Becoming a Franchisee

Recruitment franchises rarely require you to specialise in any specific industry. A Driver Hire franchise is different. Choose to invest and you’ll be expected to identify drivers and logistics staff exclusively.

The franchise team at Driver Hire has over 30 years of experience. They will know exactly how to aid you in setting up your own recruitment enterprise. You’ll be given expert assistance with regards to your business plan, office space, market research and more. In addition, you’ll receive a full software package, that’ll contain everything you need.

Wondering exactly how it works? You’ll be expected to operate out of an exclusive territory in which you’ll need to provide high-quality recruitment services. Rest assured that you’ll have the full support of Driver Hire at all times.

What’s Expected of an Applicant?

Driver Hire is offering this franchise opportunity to entrepreneurs of varying backgrounds. You don’t need to have recruitment experience, but you’ll need to be comfortable with frequent customer interactions, organising staff and handling finances. Comprehensive training will be provided.

The Cost of Investment

The initial fee is £32,000 + VAT. Although it’s recommended you have at least £40,000 so you can also cover any additional expenses during your first months in operation. The franchise package includes pre-launch support, between two and four weeks’ worth of foundational training, marketing materials and more.

Bear in mind that Driver Hire franchise costs will change depending on location as well as whether you’re starting a new business or taking over an existing one.

You Don’t Have to Provide All of the Capital

Many Driver Hire franchisees were able to get financial support that covered up to 70% of their initial investment. This is because the brand has established strong relationships with several financial institutions. So, if you find yourself in need of funding to take these recruitment agencies franchise opportunities, don’t be concerned.

Succeed With Extensive Training & Support

You’ll be hard-pressed to find recruitment franchise opportunities that involve as much training and ongoing support as this one! Once you’re a franchise partner, you’ll undergo a four to six-week-long training course, two weeks of which will be spent in a classroom environment. You’ll be taught how to obtain and retain customers, market your services on social media, manage your finances, recruit candidates and that’s not all.

On the marketing side, you’ll be supported with personalised leaflets and sales letters as well as your own micro-site on Driver Hire’s main website. This will allow you to list your client’s vacancies online and receive enquiries from potential candidates.

How to Proceed

If you’re contemplating pursuing this franchise opportunity, send an enquiry and request further information. It’s easily done – fill out this form and submit it. It will take just seconds.

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