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Tezlom Explained

Tezlom is an agency that provides vital recruitment assistance to healthcare providers including hospitals and mental health facilities. The brand is a celebrated franchisor and to this day is still offering astounding franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs.

Expert Healthcare Recruitment

Care assistants. Support workers. Registered nurses. Tezlom specialises in identifying the best and connecting them with health care providers that are in need of their particular skills.

The team at Tezlom don’t just approve all potential candidates so they can take advantage of the many business opportunities in the sector. In fact, they go the extra mile to ensure that each and every one is the best possible fit for the vacancies that the brand’s clients would like filled. To this end, all potentials are asked to provide proof of their qualifications as well as verifiable references. No stone is left unturned.

Enter a Lucrative Market

A Tezlom franchise isn’t like other recruitment franchises. Instead of finding candidates for businesses in a wide range of fields, you’ll be purely focused on filling vacancies in the healthcare industry.

Once you’ve signed your agreement and become a franchisee, you’ll benefit from ongoing specialist training as well as the brand’s refined systems. Plus, you’ll be assigned your own exclusive territory in which you’ll be expected to deliver all the recruitment services that Tezlom clients have come to expect.

The key advantage of being a franchise partner is the brand name you’ll inherit – Tezlom has established a reputation for excellence. With their name above your door, you’ll be able to approach established healthcare providers with confidence. Remember, they’re looking for professionals who can provide vital care to the sick and elderly. As a result, they won’t accept help with their recruitment process from less than the best.

Which Candidates Are Suitable for This Special Franchise Opportunity?

You don’t need to be registered with the Care Quality Commission in order to start your own Tezlom franchise. You actually won’t require any previous experience in the healthcare industry at all.

Tezlom is simply looking for aspiring entrepreneurs who are willing to undergo extensive training programmes in order to become the best healthcare recruitment specialists they can be. This being said, it’s expected that you’ll be computer literate, a good communicator and well organised.

Take a Closer Look at the Tezlom Franchise Costs

You’ll need to pay an initial franchise fee of £25,000 + VAT. It’s also recommended that you have approximately £30,000 in working capital.

In exchange, you’ll get a package that contains everything you need to get started. This will include extensive training as well as special business tools and software and much more.

You’ll Receive Assistance if You Need to Apply for a Loan

In the event you can’t afford to cover the investment requirements, you’ll need to consider requesting financial aid. If this occurs, Tezlom will be able to help you complete the necessary application and business plan. You should also take into account that recruitment franchise opportunities like this one are well thought of by financial institutions. Why? Because more often than not they’re less risky than independent start-ups and they generally lead to success.

Learn How You’ll Be Supported

Before you take on the responsibility of running your own health recruitment agency franchise, you’ll be expertly trained. You’ll be taught how to manage all aspects of your operation as well as how to use Tezlom’s software, market your enterprise and more. As part of this process, you’ll be able to shadow Tezlom professionals as they go about their day-to-day business. But even after this, you’ll be able to speak to the management team at the brand’s head office whenever you choose for advice and support.

Want to know more about the software support you’ll receive? Tezlom will give you access to your own webpage, email address and cloud storage portal in addition to state-of-the-art recruitment software and that’s far from all.

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