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Presenting Bella Italia

Bella Italia is a restaurant chain that specialises in delivering authentic Italian recipes – pastas, pizzas and more. Over the years, this food enterprise has continued to grow and today there are more franchise opportunities than ever for aspiring entrepreneurs to take advantage of.

An Italian Food Masterclass

To ensure they provide the most genuine Italian dining experience possible, Bella Italia imports all of its ingredients directly from Italy. This passion for excellence hasn’t gone unnoticed. In fact, the company’s establishments have become known for their sustained high standards of service, remarkable meals and friendly waiting staff. As a direct result of this, Bella Italia has become one of the most respected restaurant chains with a loyal and large customer base.

Follow a Successful Restaurant Franchise Business Model

In the restaurant industry, there’s nothing harder than slowly growing a reputation, in the hope you can obtain the revenue streams you need to survive financially. However, if you choose to become a Bella Italia franchise partner, you’ll have all the help you need to establish yourself. You’ll be operating under the umbrella of an instantly recognisable brand name. But how does it work exactly?

Once you’ve signed your agreement, you’ll have assistance finding a suitable location to set up your establishment. The size of the premises required will depend on the specific area in which you’ll be based. Bella Italia will help you design and fit the interior and after this is done you’ll be able to open for business. From that point on you’ll be able to rely on constant support from the brand. This will include benefiting from the company’s continued reinvestment in its operations and marketing. You’ll have everything you need to make your mark.

Unsure if You’re Suitable for This Restaurant Franchise Opportunity?

To run your own Bella Italia franchise, you’ll need to have relevant experience in the restaurant industry, an ability to manage and motivate staff and a familiarity with business management. In addition, you must be able to handle the capital demands of setting up a business that requires a large-size brick-and-mortar establishment.

The Fees & Level of Investment Involved

Bella Italia franchise costs include a minimum investment of £350,000 + VAT. The overall expense can be as high as £700,000 + VAT. But prices can vary based on factors such as location. You’ll also need to pay a maximum of 6% of your annual net sales towards a royalty fee.

In exchange for these payments, you’ll be given comprehensive support. This will cover site selection guidance, restaurant design assistance, a fully established menu, marketing support and much more.

You Can Get Funding

Investing in a restaurant franchise is expensive. There’s no escaping that fact. If you need help to cover this substantial investment, you can turn to a bank for a loan. Bear in mind that franchises are almost always successful and investors know that you’ll be building from a solid foundation with the full support of Bella Italia. Consequently, you’ll have every chance to secure the financing you require.

There will Be Ongoing Support

As an entrepreneur considering investing in a food restaurant franchise, your first worry may be the premises requirements. Thankfully, Bella Italia will be able to assist you with all of your property needs – from finding the right purchase, to keeping everything within compliant with the latest health and safety legislation. The company will even have groups of interior design experts at hand to ensure your establishment looks the best it can.

You might also be concerned about the expert instruction you’ll need to give to members of staff. But Bella Italia has the solution – a team ready to support you throughout the recruitment and training process.

Also anxious about how you’ll be able to handle the many different areas of your operation? Don’t be. Bella Italia will provide you with access to their operations portal, which will contain all the data you want to see.

A final worry might be how exactly you’ll promote your new restaurant. But here again, Bella Italia has the answer in the form or ready-made and proven marketing materials. You can’t beat this level of support!

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