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Thai Express Is Now a Global Enterprise

Thai Express is a chain of highly successful restaurants. The brand has become known for its quick service and the remarkable authentic Thai flavours it offers to consumers. A well-respected and award-winning franchisor, Thai Express still offers franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs worldwide.

This Isn’t the Fast Food You Know

While the cuisine at Thai Express’ establishments is prepared extremely quickly, the brand’s menu stands in stark contrast to traditional fast food outlets. All dishes are prepared using the freshest ingredients by extensively trained chefs who are dedicated to consistently achieving the highest standards for customers. What’s more, there are options to satisfy all kinds of dietary requirements. These include meals specially made for vegans, vegetarians and more. This is nutritious fast food that’s suitable for everyone.

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Imagine following a verified restaurant franchise business model that’s led to success after success in the past. Become a Thai Express franchise partner and you’ll be able to do just that…

There are three different franchise models for you to choose from. These being a mall food court, an in-line restaurant or a freestanding restaurant. But no matter which opportunity you decide to take, you’ll be able to rely on Thai Express for assistance. Remember, the company is an experienced franchisor and has refined its methods so that every franchisee can experience a true turnkey operation. You’ll get help with everything from site selection to suppliers. In fact, Thai Express will control the supply of ingredients for you so you won’t have to worry about it at all!

Can You Take This Amazing Franchise Opportunity?

The team at Thai Express is looking for entrepreneurs with the drive and determination to climb the ladder to profitability. Don’t forget, in order to be the best food restaurant franchise partner you can be, you’ll need to be experienced in the industry and have refined motivational, organisational and social skills.

Start-up Costs Will Vary Based on the Model You Choose

You should expect to make a minimum investment of £50,000, as well as pay franchise fees of £15,000. The overall Thai Express franchise costs will be approximately £150,000. But these prices will vary greatly depending on whether you decide upon a mall food court, in-line restaurant or freestanding restaurant model.

Upon signing your franchise agreement and covering all fees, you’ll be thoroughly trained, assisted with site selection and given the full ongoing support of the Thai Express brand.

How You Can Raise Additional Funds

To take this restaurant franchise opportunity you’ll need capital on hand. If this isn’t possible, but you’d still like to proceed, you should consider requesting a loan. Is there a designated franchise department at your bank?

Thai Express is an instantly recognisable brand with many active franchisees. This track record of success will play in your favour as you go through your detailed business plan to join forces with them.

Intensive Training Will Help You Maximise Your Potential

To make the most of the business opportunities in front of you, you’ll need to be trained to take advantage of Thai Express’ systems. That’s why the brand will quickly enrol you in a training programme that covers all the basics. In addition to this, you’ll also be taught how to prepare Thai cuisine to the standard that the company demands. This will not only mean you can help out with orders when necessary but also give you a greater understanding of what is required of each of your employees.

You’ll also receive support throughout the set-up of your new establishment. The franchise team will help you identify a site that’s visible and has high foot traffic on a regular basis so you can get off to the best possible start. Moving forward, you’ll benefit from Thai Express’ desire to continually refine its methodologies, marketing and menu. This means you’ll keep up with the latest trends and won’t be left behind. Further to this, if you ever encounter an issue you’re not sure how to solve, you can speak to a seasoned adviser.

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