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Start a Step Ahead

An established customer base ready to provide a steady stream of revenue. It’s the dream of any retail business owner. But today, this has never been harder to obtain. Imagine that you don’t have to undertake the lengthy process of building a reputation for excellence one brick at a time. Think of how much easier it would be to get up and running if clients were coming through your doors from the moment you opened. That’s what a franchise offers. The chance to inherit hard-earned trust from a brand that’s been there and done it.

Join a Competitive Marketplace With Confidence

Were you to invest in a franchise, you wouldn’t face the same problems or risks as an independent business owner. When you set up shop, you’ll have guidelines to follow so you won’t make a misstep. They won’t have this luxury. As you start running your operations, you’ll have direct lines of communication to experts with years of experience in the industry. When they encounter an issue, they’ll only have their gut instinct to rely on. Take this into account when you see a franchise business for sale. Because in the world of retail, you won’t get closer to guaranteed success.

Get Help From Dedicated Support Staff & Fellow Franchisees

A retail franchise will have an expansive network attached to it. It will be populated by seasoned specialists who will help you arrange everything you require to get your new venture started. Need help securing insurance or want advice with regard to what licensing you must have before you open? Just ask. But this kind of support isn’t even the greatest advantage of this interconnected business system – that would be group purchasing. As a retail business owner, you’ll naturally need to keep your store well-stocked. But with a larger brand behind you, the cost of this will be lower. This is because the organisation as a whole will be ordering hundreds of thousands of units for all of its franchisees at a reduced rate. Benefiting all of them, as well as you.

Understand Retail Franchises & the Process of Investment

A retail franchise involves a business owner opening a store and then operating under the brand identity of a given parent company. The benefits of this are wide-ranging. Plus, you often don’t need experience in the sector to take these retail franchise opportunities. Good motivators and excellent communicators familiar with business management are the ideal candidates.

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? If so, identify some retail franchises for sale that appeal to you. Then research them thoroughly. While you do this, bear in mind that whatever the brand you’re looking into sells will need to appeal to the customer base in your area. Because if there won’t be sufficient demand, you’ll be unlikely to succeed even with the full backing of an established organisation.

After you’ve found an opportunity that suits you, submit an inquiry. You’ll quickly receive an information pack. Read it carefully and take it all in. If you’re still intrigued, you can speak to a brand representative over the phone and then attend a face-to-face meeting. Following this, you’ll also get the chance to speak to current franchisees who can give you a clearer picture of what to expect. If all goes well, you can begin to seriously consider signing an agreement…

But before you do so, there are two tasks you’ll have to tackle. First, you’ll need to find a location that’s appropriate for your new store. You don’t want to have too many competitors nearby, but you also want ample opportunity to build a large customer base. This can be tricky, but you’ll be aided by the parent company you plan to partner with. Secondly, you’ll need to secure the correct level of financing to cover your initial investment. Do both of these and you’ll be able to sign and become an official franchisee.

What You Should Bear in Mind When Entering the Retail Industry

There are many business opportunities to be found in this sector. But in such a competitive environment, an entrepreneur must be careful and aware of the steps certain organisations are taking to remain financially healthy in a time where online shops are preferred to brick and mortar stores…

New premium items sold in retail stores are usually quite expensive. This can include DVDs, CDs, smart devices and more. This can dissuade customers as they can normally find better deals for the same goods online. To attempt to stop consumers from turning to eCommerce sites, some enterprises have begun practising re-sales. This is beneficial to them in two different ways. One, they’re able to offer another service to their clientele – somewhere to sell their older items that they’ll never use again. Of course, to accept these goods, they have to be in acceptable condition, and they’re able to purchase them at a greatly reduced rate. Two, they’re able to sell on these items at a price that a larger proportion of customers are willing to accept. These initiatives have resulted in far more retail establishments becoming profitable.

Additionally, furniture retail stores largely remain unaffected by current economic times. Why? For the simple reason that the only way to know if a piece of furniture is for you is to test it. The experience of testing a new sofa or chair simply cannot be replicated by an eCommerce site.

Now you know the lay of the land in this market, it will be far easier for you to find a truly viable retail franchise opportunity.

You Can Also Look Forward to…

Aid With Your Investment

When you see a retail business opportunity, don’t be put off by the initial investment requirements. You won’t be expected to pay the sum total directly out of your bank account. Instead, you can secure financing directly from your franchisor or get a loan that covers a substantial proportion of the fee from a bank. Concerned that investors won’t give you the money you need? Don’t be. You’ll actually find it’s actually far easier to secure financing when you have the support of a recognised brand that has a track record of success.

An Intensive Training Programme

It’s natural to be wary before taking on franchise opportunities. As a business owner, there will be many duties that you have to perform. Some of these may require experience or qualifications that you don’t currently have. But remember, after you’ve signed your franchise agreement, you’ll go through a full and thorough training regime. In most cases, this will include both time in a classroom environment and in one of your parent company’s establishments. What better way is there to come to terms with what you’ll need to do on a day-to-day basis?

Substantial Marketing Campaigns

If you were to start an independent retail operation, you would need to painstakingly gather marketing momentum. This would often be through positive word of mouth and some social media promotions. Of course, there would be no guarantee that these initiatives will result in new customers. It’s important to realise that most successful advertising campaigns are the product of years of market research by trained professionals. There’s no quick path to a winning formula. Unless you invest in retail franchises, that is. Sign your name on the dotted line and you’ll be entitled to comprehensive pre- and post-launch marketing made possible by highly refined, tried and tested techniques.

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