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LockFast Keeps People Safe

LockFast is a security company run by seasoned, professional locksmiths. With their specialist skills in much demand, the team behind the brand is looking for more candidates to join their ranks. You can take the astounding franchise opportunities they’re offering today.

Reliable Locksmithing Services

Concerned customers are able to approach LockFast with many different kinds of security requests. These include, but aren’t limited to lock replacements, key cutting, wireless alarm fittings and CCTV installations.

What’s more, when a client calls to describe an urgent need, the company is committed to providing a fast response. For instance, the team aims to respond to enquiries involving broken windows within just one hour after the booking is made. In addition, to make sure that services can be completed in just a single session, all the brand’s locksmiths work out of fully outfitted vans. These vehicles contain a wide variety of locks and tools – they almost always have what they need to get the job done there and then.

A Franchise Opportunity That Shouldn’t Be Passed Up

When they need help with security, customers won’t go to just any brand. They’ll look for a business with a proven track record and a good reputation. But this kind of history can’t be created overnight. It’s why so many new independent start-ups in this industry fail within their first two years of operation…

Security franchises provide a truly viable alternative option. As a LockFast franchise partner, you’ll be able to run your operation while using an instantly recognisable trade name. Business opportunities will come thick and fast, but you’ll have the support you need to capitalise on them all.

An exclusive territory. A designated local phone number. Premium marketing materials. You’ll get it all.

Never Worked in the Security Industry Before?

If you invest in a LockFast franchise, you’ll need to perform security services. These require certain skills and qualifications. While it would be beneficial for you to have these before you apply, it’s not absolutely necessary. This is due to the fact that all LockFast franchisees take part in an extensive training programme that gives them all the knowledge they need. It won’t be any different for you.

The LockFast Franchise Costs Aren’t Substantial

You’ll find that compared to other similar security company franchise opportunities out there, what LockFast is offering you is relatively low cost. You’ll be required to make a minimum investment of just £4,900 + VAT.

In return, you’ll receive specialist locksmith training, a full set of security tools, a branded uniform, marketing support and much more. However, the package price won’t include the cost of leasing or purchasing your van.

But if You Require Assistance…

You can borrow money to cover your start-up costs. Don’t forget, many franchises succeed. It’s a fact, and investors are more likely to provide you with financing because of this. Although it’s important to realise that it’s just not as simple as approaching a money lender and telling them you’ve found a suitable security franchise for sale. First, you need to present a business plan, that’ll show exactly how you plan to run your enterprise and achieve profitability.

The kinds of subjects you’ll need to go over in this report include your marketing strategy and financial predictions. The investor needs to have a clear picture of what you aim to achieve before they can commit funds.

How You’ll Become a Qualified Locksmith

By the time you launch your home security franchise, you’ll be fully prepared and confident. After you sign your agreement, you’ll be enrolled in an all-inclusive training programme. This will include an introduction to vital locksmithing skills such as key cutting. Plus, you’ll have the chance to learn wireless alarm installation techniques, too.

Wondering how you’ll be supported after your franchise launches? LockFast will give you superb marketing support. This will encompass your own dedicated website and social media accounts and so on. Remember, the company has been working in the security industry for many years. Its marketing methods are refined and have been proven to attract new customers. You’ll be in good hands.

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