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Familiarise Yourself With Pro-Tect Alarms

Pro-Tect Alarms is a security system supplier that has provided advanced solutions for domestic customers for over a decade. The brand has now opened up a series of home security franchise opportunities that entrepreneurs of all different backgrounds are able to take.

Announcing State-of-the-art Home Security Systems

People want to feel safe in their own personal properties. Pro-Tect Alarms can give them that feeling of security by installing high-end systems in their homes. These products range from fully-monitored alarms with a 24/7 response to small-sized panic buttons. But these aren’t the only types of business opportunities the company has been able to take. In addition to traditional security systems, Pro-Tect Alarms also offers special products designed to detect smoke and carbon dioxide.

Wondering what else makes Pro-Tect Alarms stand out from the crowd? The team gives customers a taste of what their systems are capable of before they purchase them at no extra charge. They do this by performing full demonstrations.

You Can Mimic Pro-Tect Alarms’ Success

Invest in a Pro-Tect Alarms franchise and you’ll be given an exclusive territory featuring thousands of potential customers. You’ll be trained in all aspects of the brand’s security system installation services and then provide them, as requested.

Contemplating why out of all the security system franchise opportunities out there this one is right for you? You’ll gain income on a monthly basis from each client you serve and you’ll be able to rely on continuous support from Pro-Tect Alarms. Don’t forget, security systems are usually expensive and are designed for a vital purpose. Consequently, customers will only trust brands with a proven track record. Aligning yourself with Pro-Tect Alarms, and becoming a franchise partner, allows you to inherit the company’s hard-earned reputation.

Do You Have the Necessary Qualifications to Apply?

Even though Pro-Tect Alarms products are high-end, they’ve been designed to be installed relatively easily and you’ll be fully trained to do so. Therefore, you won’t need to have a background in the industry to invest in this particular home security franchise. But it will be beneficial if you’re used to working with your hands. Further to this, you’ll need to have good communication skills as you’ll be talking to customers face-to-face on a day-to-day basis.

The Fees Explained

Pro-Tect Alarms franchise costs include an initial fee of £25,000 + VAT, as well as a working capital requirement of approximately £10,000, in addition to a further £1,000 to cover equipment and legal expenses. Although prices can vary.

You should expect circa £100,000 in return for your investment after you’ve been in operation for two years.

How You Can Get Funding

If you’re unable to cover the initial investment, Pro-Tect Alarms will help you formulate a business plan so you can apply for a loan from a bank.

Don’t be concerned about your loan application. Buying into a security franchise is recognised as a stepping stone on the path to profitability by most financial institutions. In most cases, a bank will offer to provide up to a maximum of 70% of the necessary funds. But you’ll need to find the remaining capital yourself.

There will Always Be Someone Supporting You

Don’t be intimidated by the responsibilities associated with running security franchises. Pro-Tect Alarms will ensure you’re properly prepared by facilitating a five-day training programme. During this period, you’ll be able to earn the electrical qualifications you’ll require to fit security systems into your customer’s homes. Plus, you’ll be provided with a detailed operations manual that will cover every single element involved in managing your new business.

To help you at launch, the brand will give you enough supplies to perform 20 installations as well as stationery, and Pro-Tect Alarm uniforms, and even help you take out a lease on a van. With regards to promoting your operation, you’ll be immediately put up on the company’s main website and you’ll be the beneficiary of a marketing campaign in your assigned area.

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