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Dolly Char Connects Its Clients With Suitable Cleaners

When customers need technicians who can effectively perform general housekeeping, ironing, laundry and other cleaning services, they come to Dolly Char. The brand efficiently identifies appropriate candidates and connects them with a given client.

The company is now offering affordable franchise opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs. Would you be interested in running your own cleaning management business?

The Process Explained

After a client approaches Dolly Char, the company dispatches a representative to speak to them in-person. These meetings often last for up to two hours and involve thorough requirements elicitation. The goal of this is to identify exactly what the client’s cleaning needs are, when they require assistance and how often. Once they have all the details, the Dolly Char team gets to work finding a cleaner who matches the requirements. The brand aims to complete this process within just 14 days after the initial meeting. All customers are strongly encouraged to meet the domestic cleaner identified by the company prior to any services being completed. If the client is not happy, a replacement can be found.

Dolly Char does everything in its power to make its customers feel comfortable in letting someone they don’t know into their homes. To this end, the company ensures all the cleaners it interviews undergo full background checks. Once the cleaner has started work, clients can always rely on Dolly Char to help them to rearrange appointments, change requirements or report issues with a technician.

What Would Your Role Be?

If you became a Dolly Char franchise partner, you wouldn’t be asked to perform cleaning services yourself. It would be your responsibility to manage the operation within your clearly defined, exclusive territory – an area that will be rich with business opportunities.

While running your franchise, you would interview and vet cleaners, meet with potential clients to elicit requirements, market your enterprise, ensure that your customers’ appointments are unaffected by illnesses or holidays and so on.

The best part? You won’t need a traditional office. You can be home based and work in comfortable surroundings. Your monthly overheads will be minimal, you won’t need to invest in costly cleaning equipment or supplies and there will be no invoicing. This is because your clients will be paying the cleaners and providing all the necessary tools. You’ll be paid by your customers for finding appropriate cleaners and vetting them thoroughly.

No Cleaning Experience Is Needed

You don’t need to have been a cleaner in the past or worked in the industry before. In fact, to take this franchise opportunity, you’ll simply need strong business acumen, communication skills and organisational abilities. Dolly Char will fully train you to handle your operation.

What a Dolly Char Franchise Costs

This is one of the most low cost professional services franchise opportunities out there – the brand’s franchise packages start from just £2,995! But be aware that prices can vary and you’ll also be required to pay a monthly fee of approximately £150.

Once you’ve paid, you’ll benefit from an all-inclusive training programme as well as comprehensive launch support, access to the company’s bespoke systems and more.

You should know that Dolly Char has stated that once they’re fully established, franchisees can expect to generate residual income of up to £80,000 every year. You’ll get a huge return on your investment!


Money lenders can give you the capital you need to partner with Dolly Char. Don’t forget, services franchises such as this require a very low investment and can potentially lead to huge profits. Where’s the risk?

Training & Support

Dolly Char provides all of its franchisees with substantial support. You’ll complete a full training programme and then get help setting up your business.

To assist you with your day-to-day operations following the launch of your services franchise, the company will provide you with its custom-made online management systems, letter templates and much more. You’ll also get marketing support in the form of local advertising as well as stationery, which includes leaflets and booklets. On top of this, you’ll be added to the brand’s main website and given a dedicated business phone line.

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