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Signs Express offers high quality and trusted signage and graphics services through a strong commitment to customer service that’s tailored to their customers’ needs.

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About Signs Express

Established over 30 years ago in 1989, Signs Express has a network of over 60 production centres nationwide. The brand is the largest signs and graphics company in the UK and it is now looking for new franchise partners to expand the network. Are you one of them?

What They Offer

Signs Express offers high quality and trusted signage and graphics services through a strong commitment to customer service that’s tailored to their customers’ needs. Research shows that the signs and graphics market is growing each year as multiple businesses realise the importance of image and first impressions. Depending on the client’s needs, signs can be either temporary or permanent.

The parent company and its franchisee network can help with all business needs ranging from branding a single van to doing a national re-branding. Also worth noting is that the market potential is huge because every business needs signage in order to be successful. These range from schools and hospitals to offices and more. The brand has excellent supplier relationships for preferential discount structures and this provides strong value and a great service to its customers.


The Franchise Offering

Signs Express is a management franchise opportunity. This means that you as a franchisee will need to manage and run your own business according to the guidelines set out in the Signs Express franchise system.

The brand’s core values are to operate the business on a sustainable financial basis of profitable growth, while increasing values for its stakeholders and expanding opportunities for career growth and development for its employees and staff. In addition, the brand seeks to have a full network of profitable franchisees and to give back to the community.

Its vision is to be the first point of contact for customers looking for customer-facing signage and branding, becoming the market leader in signage solutions. In addition, it seeks to have a network of franchisees that perform in terms of their chosen goals and reap the rewards of a successful business partnership. All this while also ensuring staff are valued and trained to perform optimally as well as who are rewarded for their efforts.

With this in mind, how does the franchisor aim to achieve their mission and vision? Through the franchise package they offer! With this package, a franchisee will be able to run a fully UK-owned and run company with a dedicated support centre. You can also take advantage of the Sales Accelerator Package for all startups which is worth around £5,000. Being in the graphics and signage industry for over 30 years, you also get the opportunity to work with a nationally recognised brand. But that’s not all. It’s also worth noting that Sign Express franchisees can see a 47% higher turnover than an independent sign company. Furthermore, franchisees can take advantage of group buying discounts through preferred suppliers as well as enjoy territories that have a minimum of 10,000 businesses. A team of experts is at your disposal for national and local marketing efforts. And also worth considering the fact that on average, Signs Express franchisees stay with the company for over 15 years, meaning they get serious value for their initial investment.

As a result, with all this in mind, it’s clear that you can become your own boss, enjoy healthy profits, dedicated support and secure your financial future with no industry experience required.

In order to get started, you will need to follow a few simple steps. Firstly, you’ll need to make the initial inquiry to register your interest. A member of the experienced Franchise Recruitment Team will talk you through the opportunities and find out more about you and your future goals. Next, you’ll receive the franchising prospectus, which will give you more information about the Signs Express opportunity.

Secondly, you can attend a Discovery Day which will give you an in-depth overview of the business and demonstrate the potential of a Signs Express franchise.

The third step is to have a one-on-one after the Discovery Day. This is held with a member of the Management Team, and enables you to ask questions and receive clarification regarding the franchise opportunity.

You will then be asked to complete an online personality assessment in order to give the parent company an overview of you as a business owner. This will give them insights into your strengths and weaknesses and can help “shape future training programmes and skills gaps to ensure a bespoke approach for you.”

At the fifth step, you will have the opportunity to speak to existing franchisees, visit Signs Express centres and have a “day in the life of a franchisee” to gain that first-hand experience.

The final step is becoming a Signs Express franchisee where you’ll get help every step of the way. This includes an initial training course, after which your light industrial unit will be fitted out, staff recruited and the business established. On average, this takes around three months but can vary depending on individual circumstances.

Also worth noting is that you can use a Signs Express opportunity to expand your current business. This is because in addition to the standard startup or resale franchise packages, Signs Express also have a rebrand opportunity. This can significantly enable you to expand your existing business with a recognised and trusted brand.

Who Are They Looking For?

Interested in being a Signs Express franchisee but aren’t sure whether you fit the bill? Don’t worry because 95% of the Signs Express franchisees had no previous industry experience in the industry before joining. What’s more is that as a management franchise, you’ll employ experienced sign makers to carry out the work while you will be responsible for managing and promoting the business. However, you should also know that although you don’t need sign industry experience, you will undergo a training course to gain a broader understanding of the industry and trade to help you gain the confidence you need to get started and thrive.

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The Cost

It’s important to note that the actual and final investment figure for a Signs Express franchise is dependent on the location chosen, working capital requirements and other factors. However, based on the brand’s Start-Up model, “the investment will be made up of your cash introduction, bank lending and asset finance” as follows:

  • £65,000 – Personal cash introduction
  • £110,000 – Bank funding
  • £40,000 – Asset Finance

Total Start-Up investment = £215,000

All new start-up centres come with a franchise fee of £25,000. The brand then invests in a Sales Start-Up Accelerator Package that is valued at around £5,000 to enable you to start your business and earn from day one.

Furthermore, you should note that if you’re looking to invest in a resale opportunity, investment levels will vary. For example, you will be required to pay the agreed-upon price for the centre, a reduced franchise fee of £8,500 and half of the Signs Express Ltd legal fees associated with the sale.

“Whether you opt for a Start-Up or a resale, you will pay a monthly management service charge (MSC) fee of 7.5% of your turnover and either a 1.5% national promotional fund (NPF) levy, or you can opt to pay NPF at a fixed monthly rate (currently set at £350 per month).”

“The brand’s national promotional fund is a dedicated marketing fund held in a separate, audited account. It is used for all marketing activities focused on building the brand, generating business and providing you with practical support.”

And the potential for profitability? According to the franchisor, you can expect to reach a potential £750,000 turnover and more.

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If you are unsure of the funding options you have available, you can always approach a lender to help you secure the capital requirements. Remember that lenders will request a business plan as well as check your creditworthiness and income levels. Therefore, each unique application will be treated as separate and will be subject to status. However, what is important to note is that lenders typically tend to favour franchise operations over independent startups and this means you are likely to secure up to 70% of your financial requirements in order to get started with your Signs Express business.

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Training and Support

Signs Express has a dedicated Franchise Support Centre that offers guidance, support and training. The team will be with you every step of the way and will tailor activities to support you in the UK market. However, before you get started, you should note that you will begin your journey with a rigorous, bespoke training programme to empower you for the road ahead. In addition, the parent brand invests in all new centres with its Sales Accelerator Package and also invests in bespoke support from the outset, tailored to your needs. Other support you can expect from the franchisor include help with advertising, reviewing CVs and interviewing suitable candidates for the positions available. A part-time bookkeeper will also be in place from day one to ensure your finances are accurate, giving you financial control.

Training and support

Next Steps

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