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Learn What Makes Legacy Sport Special

Legacy Sport aims to encourage school students to lead healthier, more active lifestyles. The company plans to accomplish this by providing educational institutions with the resources needed to deliver a higher standard of physical education (PE).

You’ve got the chance to use the brand’s refined business model to not only help others but prosper on a personal financial level, too. Learn more about Legacy Sport’s franchise opportunities below.

Specialist Physical Education Instructors & Consultants

Legacy Sport’s highly experienced instructors help school teachers become more confident with physical education. They also closely evaluate the effect that the refined lessons have on children. Why? If an educational institution can prove that enhanced PE lessons improve the lives of its students, they can get the increased funding necessary to make these changes permanent.

The Role & Responsibilities of a Franchisee

In the event that you decide to become a Legacy Sport franchise partner, you’ll be required to offer services that result in the improvement of physical education standards in schools. You’ll sign long-term contracts with numerous educational institutions and get a strong return on your investment. Your other responsibilities will include marketing your services and recruiting suitably skilled instructors.

You’ll mainly be working on school grounds, there won’t be any need for you to purchase or rent a permanent office. This will benefit you in multiple ways. For instance, you’ll have the option to be home based, which will enable you to complete your administration in comfortable surroundings and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Plus, you won’t have large monthly expenses. Therefore, it’s likely that your business will become profitable at a far faster rate.

In contrast to other sport franchises, you won’t be assigned a particular geographically-defined territory. You’ll be free to take any business opportunities you find. But you won’t be allowed to establish a working relationship with a school that already has a contract with another Legacy Sport franchisee.

You Must Be Passionate About Fitness

Needless to say, sports related franchise opportunities such as this require enthusiasm for sport and fitness as well as physical education. It’s not essential that you have previous experience in the industry, but a background in business management would be highly beneficial. Moreover, you must be comfortable with the prospect of marketing your services to schools and teaching young children directly. But you can rest assured that Legacy Sport will train you to handle all of your responsibilities.

How Much Capital Will You Need?

You’ll discover that a Legacy Sport franchise costs just £6,995 at first, although this figure excludes any working capital requirements. After you’ve paid and been accepted as a franchisee, the company will provide you with training and ongoing support.

How much money could you earn? It’s possible that from your third year onwards, you could make up to £40,000 in profit per annum. However, this isn’t guaranteed. Your specific level of success will depend on your willingness to work hard and how effectively you implement Legacy Sport’s proven business model.

Funding Possibilities

Unable to raise the funds required to invest in this sports business franchise? Although Legacy Sport can’t offer you financial support but third parties can. Get the ball rolling by developing an in-depth business plan. You’ll need this documentation when you request a loan from a major financial institution. But before you go to a bank, you must make sure that you’re eligible for this kind of aid – check your income level and credit score.

Training & Support

The Legacy Sport franchise support team is prepared to provide you with induction training. This will be carried out shortly after you sign your agreement and it will cover all aspects of the operation – including how to approach schools and offer your services.

After your sports franchise is operational, you’ll be able to contact your parent company whenever you choose. The brand’s seasoned experts will be just a phone call or email away.

Your Way Forward

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