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About The Holiday Franchise Company

Created by the team behind the celebrated online travel agency Holidaysplease, The Holiday Franchise Company was founded to help entrepreneurs fulfil their dreams of becoming travel business owners themselves. The organisation does so by offering profitable franchise opportunities suitable for those from different backgrounds.

A Business Designed to Facilitate the Launch of New Online Travel Agencies

In order to understand what The Holiday Franchise Company is trying to achieve, you must first get to know Holidaysplease.

Founded in 2002, Holidaysplease gives its customers all the benefits of a brick-and-mortar agency, with none of the inconvenience. Advisers with decades of experience are on hand to give clients the guidance they need to secure their dream holiday. But all communications occur online or over the phone speeding up the process significantly. The organisation’s methods have led to a consistent stream of revenue and they’re ready to pass on all their secrets…

The Holiday Franchise Company is how they do this. Become a franchisee and you’ll be able to run your own travel agency franchise with the assistance of the seasoned professionals who founded Holidaysplease.

The Franchise Opportunity Explained

As a The Holiday Franchise Company franchise partner, you can be completely home based – online franchises like these are almost always low cost. You’ll learn how to direct customers to your website, elicit their individual requirements and then make tailored recommendations. Each booking you make will be completed using the brand’s simple systems and you’ll get a healthy commission from all of them.

What’s more, you won’t need to worry about being assigned a set territory. As you’ll be based online, the size of your target market will essentially be unrestricted.

Not a Travel Specialist? Don’t Worry

Don’t be daunted by the travel agent franchise opportunities in front of you. The Holiday Franchise Company won’t insist that you have previous experience in the industry as the organisation is able to provide a full training programme to all applicants. Nonetheless, you’ll still need to be a self-motivated travel enthusiast who is able to effectively organise your own time and communicate with customers.

You Have Multiple Investment Options

The Holiday Franchise Company franchise costs vary based on the package you choose. There are three main choices. Each designed for entrepreneurs of differing levels of experience and resources.

This includes one package for those who are keenly interested in the travel industry but have no background in it. Another for those with four or more years of experience in travel sales. As well as a final offering for owners of existing agencies.

Depending on which is most suitable for you, you’ll need to pay between £13,795 and £15,795 + VAT. Once your own travel franchise is established, you’ll likely be earning up to £500 commission on every booking you make. So you’ll be able to make back your investment in just a matter of months.

There’s a Good Chance You’ll Secure a Loan

Investors know viable business opportunities when they’re presented with them. You won’t be coming to them with a risky proposition to form your own independent start-up. You’ll be showing them your plan to join a network of prosperous travel franchises with the support of a high-profile brand that has the resources to help you. This solid foundation will give a bank good cause to provide you with funding.

Learn From Travel Experts, Then Build Your Business With Comprehensive Support

To ensure you can run your online travel franchise correctly, The Holiday Franchise Company will ask you to undergo the ‘Journey to Success’ – their unique training programme. Through each session, you’ll learn how to handle your website, market your business, implement sales techniques, use the brand’s bespoke customer management system and much more.

Additionally, you’ll have access to e-learning resources such as webinars that will allow you to continue learning after you’ve completed the training course. This isn’t to mention, the continued support you’ll receive from the in-house experts at The Holiday Franchise Company’s main office.

The Holiday Franchise Company Provides Prospectuses to Potential Franchisees

If you’re contemplating pursuing this franchise opportunity, send an enquiry and request further information. It’s easily done – fill out this form and submit it. It will take just seconds.

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