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This Is ChariSnack

ChariSnack is a snack distribution enterprise. The company is partnered with Bliss, a charity for babies born prematurely or sick. A portion of all ChariSnack’s earnings goes directly to Bliss, which provides specialised training for health professionals in order to improve the overall standard of care.

ChariSnack needs more entrepreneurs to take the franchise opportunities it’s offering so more money can be raised for the cause. Can you help?

Vending Boxes Featuring Bliss Branding

ChariSnack offers a wide range of sweets, snacks, flapjacks, popcorn, crisps and other similar products. The brand sells all of these items in vending boxes. These boxes are placed within commercial premises such as offices, shops and leisure centres. Each location or ‘site’ is visited regularly by the company’s franchisees who restock the boxes and take the earnings. The owner of a site isn’t required to sign a contract or pay any money to ChariSnack or Bliss. Those who use the boxes must simply pay for what they eat.

What Would Be Asked of You?

If you became a ChariSnack franchise partner, you’d need to visit your sites every week. When you arrive at a given location, you’d show your ID, replenish and check the condition of your box and take your earnings. You’d perform all of your duties within an exclusive assigned territory – an area containing a large number of business opportunities.

Typically, you’d need to work between two and three days every week and restock approximately 25 boxes per day. In order to expand your operations, you’d need to identify new sites. You’d be trained to do this and it wouldn’t be difficult to convince property owners to allow you to set up your charity-branded boxes. In fact, ChariSnack has stated that one in every three agrees.

While it’s true you’d require a vehicle to run your franchise, you certainly wouldn’t need an office. Therefore, you can be home-based and your monthly expenses would be minimal.

Having Your Own Vehicle Is Essential

You must own a vehicle that can hold enough stock to replenish at least 25 boxes. A standard sized car would be sufficient, but if you plan to grow your operation, you may need a van in the future. It also goes without saying that you need a full driver’s licence. But ChariSnack won’t insist you have any other specific experience.

You Won’t Find Any Daunting Financial Figures Here

A ChariSnack franchise costs only £2,799 plus VAT. It’s one of the most affordable vending franchise opportunities on the market!

What’s included in the package? 300 vending boxes, rigorous training, branded clothing, official ChariSnack identification, an electronic coin counter, a site database, launch assistance, ongoing operational support and so much more.

The products in your boxes will be sold for up to £1.50 each. But you’ll only pay between 45p and 59p for an item. This means you’ll make a profit on every sale. When you purchase this low cost stock a portion of your capital will be donated to Bliss, but you’ll be able to keep all of the money collected in your boxes. What’s more, you won’t have to pay any ongoing royalty fees and if you decide to renew your contract, there’ll be no additional charge.

How much money can you make? The ChariSnack team estimates that if you work two to three days every week, you could earn up to £31,000 per annum.

Your Funding Options

You can request financial assistance from a third party. Go to any bank, discuss your business plan and ask for a loan. Vending franchises have a high rate of success and are seen as low risk.

The ChariSnack Team Will Show You the Ropes

You’ll be trained at the brand’s head office, provided with bespoke systems and assigned a dedicated account manager. When you launch your vending franchise, ChariSnack will send a team member to help you for up to five working days. This expert will help you identify 150 different sites for your boxes. You’ll then be asked to find another 150 sites independently, although you can pay the company to do this for you.

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