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About Snack in the Box

Snack in the Box provides consumers with a convenient way to get delicious confectionery and snacks while in their place of work. The brand achieves this by setting up self-service snack boxes and vending machines.

Presently, there are more than 80 Snack in the Box franchisees. Each one has their own territory in which they provide expert vending services. The company is still growing and more franchise opportunities are opening up – you can take advantage.

Vending Options for Businesses of All Sizes

Snack in the Box offers its services to business owners for free and no contracts need to be signed. If the owner agrees, the team installs a snack box, slimline vending machine or combo vending machine on the customer’s premises. Employees only need to pay for what they eat – nothing more.

The brand’s self-service snack boxes contain over 50 individual products and are perfect for small offices accommodating a maximum of 25 staff. Employees can simply pay for what they take by dropping coins into the honesty box.

Snack in the Box also offers slimline vending machines which are better suited to medium-sized businesses with up to 50 staff. Due to the unique design of these machines, they can fit into not only offices but warehouses, factories, hotels and canteens, too.

For larger locations where over 50 employees are present, the company will provide combo vending machines. These contain up to 300 items including confectionery, crisps and drinks.

The Snack in the Box Franchise Model Revealed

If you join the Snack in the Box family, you’ll be given an exclusive area in which you’ll provide vending services to businesses. You’ll work full time, cleaning and restocking your snack boxes and machines on a weekly basis. You’ll collect any money stored within them as you do so. You should know that on average, a new franchisee will serve up to 50 different commercial entities in their first 12 months. This number will rise from year to year.

On top of this, you’ll market your enterprise and spend time identifying new business opportunities. There will, of course, be a small number of administration tasks that you need to complete. These will encompass ordering new stock, recording your income and so on. But you won’t have to do this in an office – your vending machine franchise can be home based. Consequently, your overheads will be low and your path to profitability will be streamlined.

The Snack in the Box team will provide you with enough stock to get started, help you organise your van so it can contain the maximum amount of products and give you ongoing support.

Franchisee Requirements

This isn’t a complex franchise opportunity – you won’t require any previous experience to partner with Snack in the Box. But you will need a driver’s licence and a vehicle so you can travel from location to location with ease. It also goes without saying that as you’ll be talking to potential customers regularly, you must have excellent communication skills.

A Fair Price, a High Reward

A Snack in the Box franchise costs a minimum of £20,000 plus VAT initially. Moving forward, you’ll need to pay service fees which will amount to approximately 10% of your turnover.

In exchange, you’ll receive 225 self-service vending boxes, 15 slimline vending machines and a single combination vending machine. Plus, you’ll benefit from extensive training, marketing materials, custom software, sales assistance and continuous support.

Secure Financial Aid

As vending franchises are usually successful, money lenders will be inclined to give you funding. Typically, they’ll be able to cover up to 70% of the initial investment. Although the exact amount you receive will depend on your credit score and income level.

Intense Training & Unending Support

You’ll spend a week at Snack in the Box’s headquarters learning about sales, stock ordering, customer service, software and more. After this, you’ll undergo two weeks of on-the-job training. The brand’s sales team will help you complete services during this period and ensure you have income from your very first day.

To help you market your vending franchise, Snack in the Box will give you branded materials and stationery.

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