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Unfortunately, this franchise is no longer available with us.

Introducing Sweets and Treats Vending

Sweets and Treats Vending installs vending machines in offices, factories, schools and other kinds of commercial premises. These machines feature popular products made by prominent confectionery manufacturers.

The company is ready to help aspiring entrepreneurs start their own vending business and is now offering multiple franchise opportunities.

Affordable & Conveniently Located Snacks

Sweets and Treats Vending provides consumers with an easy way to buy delicious confectionery at their workplace. The brand doesn’t create any original products. All the items stored in its machines are from existing manufacturers.

An Unmissable Opportunity

Wondering what a Sweets and Treats Vending franchise partner does? You’ll work in a geographically-defined territory that’s exclusive to you. No other franchisee will be able to take advantage of the business opportunities within this area. From day-to-day, you’ll monitor and maintain your vending machines, ensuring they’re fully stocked and being used a sufficient amount. You’ll also be required to collect the money stored inside them regularly.

Your stock will come exclusively from suppliers approved by Sweets and Treats Vending who will deliver it directly to your address. You won’t ever be asked to source products yourself. You can operate on a full- or part-time basis. The company won’t have any issue with you keeping your current job while you run your franchise.

While it’s true you’ll have to market your enterprise to secure more locations for your machines, you’ll never have to promote the products themselves. This is because they’re from prominent manufacturers and are already well-known and popular.

Remember, vending franchises usually don’t require traditional offices. This means you can be home based. Plus, you’re unlikely to need additional staff so you won’t need to worry about their wages either. Simply stated, you’ll have an extremely limited number of expenses and, therefore, you’ll be able to achieve profitability that much faster.

Learn Which Applicants Succeed

Is your lack of experience making you hesitant to apply for your own vending machine franchise? There’s no need. Sweets and Treats Vending doesn’t require prospective franchisees to have a background in marketing, sales or business management. The team will comprehensively train you in all aspects of the operation. This being said, you must be driven and determined to succeed.

The Price of the Franchise Package

A Sweets and Treats Vending franchise costs just £9,950 plus VAT.

For this fee, you’ll be provided with at least 40 separate machines and up to 190 kg of confectionery worth approximately £2,702. Additionally, you’ll be fully trained and given tried and tested marketing materials. The company will also ensure that your stock is updated with new products regularly.

If you implement the Sweets and Treats Vending business model correctly, you could earn up to £30,000 every year. But specific financial figures cannot be guaranteed.

How to Get Funding

Vending franchise opportunities are often low cost and frequently lead entrepreneurs to financial security. This makes them far less risky than independent start-ups in the eyes of money lenders. So if you need help raising the capital required to become a Sweets and Treats Vending franchise partner, you should confidently ask for a loan. But you’ll, of course, need to develop a business plan before you do so…

You must provide a breakdown of the franchise opportunity, show how you’ll organise and manage your operation, present market research and provide a financial analysis. On top of this, your credit history, current credit score and assets must all meet certain criteria.

What Training & Support Will Be Provided?

By the time you’ve completed your training programme, you’ll know all there is to know about vending franchise management. The subjects covered will include administration, finances, legal compliance, marketing, merchandising, customer service, bookkeeping, insurance and basic product knowledge. You’ll even be taught how to use the brand’s bespoke accountancy package!

Don’t forget, Sweets and Treats Vending wants you to succeed – your business becoming profitable will enhance its reputation. To this end, the company will implement proven marketing initiatives both pre- and post-launch. What’s more, you’ll be sent business cards, letterheads and compliment slips so you can perform your own marketing, too.

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