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Embark on a harmonious journey with Singers Company, a franchise that has been striking the right chords since its inception in September 2011.

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About Singers Company

Embark on a harmonious journey with Singers Company, a franchise that has been striking the right chords since its inception in September 2011. From the opening of the first five franchises to the current thriving network of 65 and counting, Singers Company has become a melody of success in the franchise industry.

The remarkable franchise owners and directors, showcasing their talent and dedication, came together for the Singers Company Directors Retreat in Southern California in 2015 and 2017. In just over 24 hours, bonds were formed, skills were honed, knowledge was exchanged, and gifts were shared.

These extraordinary women, who are the backbone of this franchise’s success, are not just franchise owners; they are voices that resonate with passion and creativity. Join Singers Company and be part of a franchise network where success is not just achieved; it’s celebrated through the powerful and uplifting voices of our amazing franchise owners.

What They Offer

Singers Company specializes in creating an enjoyable and empowering space for young girls to explore their passion for singing, dancing, and building lasting friendships. The franchise’s primary market is focused on providing a non-competitive platform for girls to showcase their talents and perform, fostering confidence, camaraderie, and the pure joy of music and dance.

Their program, designed for girls, offers weekly practices and culminates in 2-3 performances at the end of each Singers Company season. Through these experiences, young girls not only develop skills that last a lifetime but also gain the courage to step into the spotlight and confidently deliver solo performances, transforming once-shy individuals into self-assured young artists. Join Singers Company and be part of a community where young girls discover the thrill of performing and the lifelong benefits of artistic expression.

The Franchise Offering

Seize the opportunity to own and operate a Singers Company franchise, an established venture spanning across 15 states, dedicated to providing singing and dance classes. As a Singers Company franchisee, you step into the role of operating a unique non-competitive musical dance performing studio tailored for girls aged 3 to 12. The benefits are abundant, offering you the chance to be part of a successful and proven business model with a widespread presence.

This franchise opportunity not only allows you to make a positive impact on young lives but also provides a fulfilling and enjoyable way to contribute to the artistic and personal development of girls in your community. Join Singers Company and embark on a rewarding journey as a franchise owner, where passion, creativity, and business success harmoniously come together.

Who Are They Looking For?

Singers Company is actively seeking franchisees with a passion for fostering creativity, empowering young girls, and making a positive impact in their communities. They are looking for individuals who are enthusiastic, compassionate, and possess strong interpersonal skills. Ideal franchisees exhibit a genuine love for music, dance, and the arts, as well as a commitment to inspiring confidence and building lasting connections with young performers.

Entrepreneurial spirit, leadership qualities, and a dedication to creating a nurturing environment are essential characteristics the brand values in prospective franchisees. If you are driven, enthusiastic about the arts, and share our mission to provide a non-competitive platform for girls to express themselves through singing and dancing, you may be the perfect fit to join Singers Company as a franchisee.

The Cost

Embark on a rewarding journey as a Singers Company franchisee with a low entry cost and accessible investment opportunities. The minimum cash required to initiate this exciting venture is $2,500, making it a financially feasible option for aspiring entrepreneurs. The total startup investment for a Singers Company franchise ranges from $14,500 to $29,380, covering essential elements to launch and operate your own non-competitive musical dance performing studio. This inclusive investment encompasses everything you need to bring the joy of music and dance to young girls in your community. Join Singers Company and explore the potential for artistic and entrepreneurial success with a franchise opportunity that is both affordable and fulfilling.

Training & Support

When you join the Singers Company franchise family, you’re not just becoming a business owner; you’re gaining access to comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure your success. The brand’s new franchisees receive in-depth training that covers all aspects of operating a non-competitive musical dance performing studio for girls aged 3 to 12. From business operations to curriculum implementation, this training equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to create a nurturing environment for young performers.

But the support doesn’t stop there. Singers Company is committed to providing ongoing assistance to help you navigate the challenges and celebrate the successes of your franchise. Their experienced team is just a call or email away, ready to offer guidance, answer questions, and share best practices. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other franchisees, fostering a collaborative community where ideas and insights are shared.

Joining Singers Company means becoming part of a network that values your success and is dedicated to helping you make a meaningful impact in your community through music and dance. With their training and ongoing support, you’ll have the tools and resources needed to run a successful and fulfilling franchise.

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