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Embark on a journey with PJ’s Coffee Franchise, a brand steeped in the rich tradition of New Orleans since 1978.

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About PJ’s Coffee Franchise

Embark on a journey with PJ’s Coffee Franchise, a brand steeped in the rich tradition of New Orleans since 1978. With over 160 operating locations and more than 220 additional ones in development, you now have the opportunity to be a part of the brand’s long-standing legacy. The franchisor’s commitment to quality and authentic coffee experiences has fueled their success since they began franchising in 1989. Join PJ’s Coffee Franchise in bringing the taste of New Orleans to communities near and far.

What They Offer

PJ’s Coffee Franchise serves coffee with soul, crafted for those who truly appreciate the story behind every cup. From local roasting to single origin roasts, the brand believes in the craftsmanship and the journey of each bean. It’s about being rooted in the spirit of New Orleans, extending warm hospitality to every guest.

Their coffee is an experience, a gathering point, and it’s the passion they infuse into every cup. But they don’t stop at coffee; they bring the timeless taste of the South with their Beignets, a unique offering that perfectly complements their coffee.

PJ’s welcoming shops, friendly baristas, and southern hospitality create lasting connections, making each visit a unique brand experience

The Franchise Offering

When you join the PJ’s Coffee Franchise family, you gain access to a proven business model that covers every aspect of running a successful coffee shop:

  • Site evaluation & lease procurement: PJ’s internal team and real estate brokers are here to assist you with everything from site identification to lease reviews, ensuring you secure the best location for your coffee shop.
  • Product distribution: Benefit from the brand’s strategic partnerships, which allow them to distribute coffee from their roasting facility to your store in a timely and cost-effective manner, ensuring fresh, quality products for your customers.
  • Training & education: Their comprehensive training program includes online training, classroom training, and location site training. You get all the knowledge and skills you need to run your coffee shop successfully.
  • Design & construction: Work closely with the PJ’s team of professionals to design and construct your coffee shop. The franchisor will ensure it’s built on time and within budget, creating a welcoming and efficient space for your customers.
  • Ongoing operations & consulting: Enjoy year-round operational consulting to help you implement promotional campaigns, product roll-outs, and new operational procedures effectively, keeping your coffee shop running smoothly.
  • Marketing & promotions: With PJ’s Coffee, you’ll gain access to their marketing and promotional campaigns designed to drive consumer frequency, increase sales, and encourage store visits throughout the day, ultimately boosting your coffee shop’s success.

Who Are They Looking For?

PJ’s Coffee Franchise is searching for individuals who embody qualities like a passion for freedom, adaptability to change, a drive for wealth-building, and a deep commitment to personal fulfillment. The franchisor is seeking franchisees who are eager to embrace these values and join its coffee family, where these attributes can flourish in the exciting world of coffee entrepreneurship.

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The Cost

The PJ’s Coffee Franchise opportunity entails a minimum cash requirement of $150,000, and prospective franchisees should possess a net worth of $500,000 or more to get started. The total startup investment for this exciting franchise opportunity falls within the range of $406,000 to $1,024,000.

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Training & Support

PJ’s Coffee Franchise is committed to providing extensive support to its franchisees to help ensure their success. Their comprehensive support system covers various aspects of your business:

  • Marketing support: PJ’s Coffee offers a national marketing platform that includes a range of advertising assets such as product marketing, P.O.P., social media, digital content, PR, Loyalty Program, mass media, and branding materials to help promote your business effectively.
  • Training programs: The franchisor offers a variety of training programs to equip you for success. Support begins with Site Evaluation & Lease Procurement, where their professional team and real estate brokers assist with site selection and lease reviews. You’ll also benefit from Design & Construction assistance to create your store within budget and on schedule. Meanwhile, their Training & Education program is multi-level, including online, classroom, and on-location training. Additionally, their strategic partnerships enable efficient Product Distribution from the roasting facility to your store.
  • Marketing & promotions: PJ’s Coffee provides marketing and promotional campaigns designed to boost consumer frequency, increase sales, and encourage more store visits.
  • Ongoing operations consulting: The franchisor also offers year-round operations support to ensure smooth implementation of promotional campaigns, product rollouts, and new operational procedures. This support is crucial for maintaining a successful and thriving business.
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