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Drybar is an innovative concept that has captivated the nation.

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About Drybar

Step into the world of Drybar, where Alli Webb’s vision took flight with the inauguration of the inaugural Drybar in the vibrant Brentwood, CA, back in 2010. Fast forward to today, and the Drybar franchise has blossomed into a phenomenon, boasting a stellar presence with 140+ locations nationwide. Join the brand on this exhilarating journey as they extend their highly coveted brand, making Drybar a name that resonates across the United States, capturing the hearts and hairstyles of countless individuals. Embrace the opportunity to be a part of this flourishing franchise, where success and style converge in perfect harmony.

What They Offer

Drybar is an innovative concept that has captivated the nation. Embracing a refreshingly simple approach, Drybar has redefined the salon experience by offering extraordinary blowouts in a delightful and aesthetically pleasing setting, all at an unbeatable price. Departing from the conventional hair salon model, Drybar represents the ultimate solution for those on a quest to both look and feel fabulous. Their tagline encapsulates their essence perfectly: “No cuts. No color. Just blowouts.” Drybar provides salon-quality blowouts in an environment that seamlessly combines fun and beauty, creating an exceptional experience at an incredible value.

The Franchise Offering

While their concept may be simple (focused solely on blowouts), it’s certainly not without its challenges. However, fear not, because when you join the Drybar franchise, you gain access to a host of benefits that set you up for success. The true advantage lies in their well-established brand and robust infrastructure.

As a Drybar franchisee, you receive exclusive access to their playbook, a comprehensive guide to navigating the ins and outs of the business. Their dedicated operations team is committed to providing thorough training and unwavering support throughout your journey.

Beyond the strength of the Drybar brand and customer experience, joining this franchise means tapping into the extensive infrastructure of WellBiz Brands, Inc. As part of a best-in-class franchise platform specializing in beauty and wellness concepts, WellBiz Brands, Inc. boasts over 750 locations and has meticulously crafted resources to assist you at every step of your entrepreneurial venture. With this franchisor, you’re not just a franchisee. You’re a valued member of a thriving network dedicated to your success.

Who Are They Looking For?

Drybar celebrates diversity in the backgrounds of its franchise owners, with many embarking on their first-ever franchise venture. Experience in franchising, salons, or the beauty industry is not a prerequisite for joining this dynamic family. Instead, they seek individuals who embody key qualities essential to their success, including:

  • Passion for Excellence: A deep-seated commitment to delivering exceptional quality coupled with an outstanding client experience is paramount.
  • Commitment: Demonstrated dedication and commitment to the venture, ensuring the growth and prosperity of the Drybar franchise.
  • Energy and Enthusiasm: A vibrant and energetic approach to drive the business forward with enthusiasm and zeal.
  • Integrity: Uncompromising integrity in all business dealings, fostering trust and transparency.
  • Concept Compatibility: A general alignment and compatibility with the unique Drybar concept, understanding its essence and contributing to its success.
  • Retail or Hospitality Experience: While not mandatory, experience in retail or hospitality can be advantageous, bringing valuable insights to the franchise operation.
  • Customer Service Dedication: Above all, a shared commitment to an obsessive dedication to providing over-the-top customer service.
  • Hair-related Experience: While beneficial, direct hair-related experience is not mandatory. However, it can be advantageous, especially if you or someone on your team possesses such expertise.
  • Financial Investment Capacity: Ability and willingness to make a significant financial investment in the venture, ensuring the necessary resources for success.

Joining the Drybar family is about more than just qualifications; it’s about embracing a set of values and characteristics that define their commitment to excellence and unparalleled customer service.

The Cost

Embarking on your journey as a Drybar franchisee involves both initial fees and ongoing costs. 

Here’s a breakdown to help you understand the financial commitment:

Initial Fees:

  • Franchise Fee: The Initial Franchise Fee is a one-time payment of $50,000, granting you access to the Drybar brand and support.

Ongoing Costs:

  • Royalty Fee: A 7% royalty fee is applicable to your gross sales, supporting the continued growth and development of the Drybar network.
  • Marketing Fee: An additional fee, up to 2% of gross sales, contributes to strategic marketing initiatives that enhance brand visibility and drive customer engagement.

Total Investment:

Building the luxurious Drybar experience comes with a total initial investment ranging from $490,166 to $856,824. This all-inclusive cost covers various elements essential for opening a successful Drybar location.

Financial Requirements:

To ensure your financial capacity for this venture, prospective franchisees are expected to have:

  • Net Worth: A minimum net worth of $750,000, representing your total assets minus liabilities.

Liquidity: A minimum liquidity of $250,000, demonstrating your ability to cover immediate financial needs.

Training & Support

Introducing you to the comprehensive training and support that awaits as you embark on your journey with Drybar:

Site Selection:

Choosing the perfect location for your Drybar is a collaborative effort, involving you, Drybar, and a skilled broker. Together, they leverage a wealth of expertise and knowledge to ensure the optimal site selection for your venture.

Design and Construction:

The brand’s dedicated Real Estate and Development team will guide you through a seamless process, coordinating essential services for designing and constructing your Drybar. This includes space planning, design conceptualization, construction documents, and the option to assist with the bid process, along with ongoing support during the construction phase.

Training and Support:

Drybar prioritizes making the opening and operation of your salon as straightforward as possible.

Here’s a glimpse into the initial and ongoing training and support you can expect:

  • Location Assistance: We assist you in finding a suitable location and negotiating your lease, ensuring a solid foundation for your business.
  • Store Design and Construction: Benefit from complete support in store design, development, and construction services, ensuring a visually appealing and functional salon.
  • Technology Integration: Seamless integration with their customized online booking and POS systems, streamlining your operations.
  • Operations Manual: A comprehensive guide that serves as your roadmap for running a successful Drybar.
  • Team Training: Training sessions for 1-3 members of your team, ensuring they are well-equipped to deliver the Drybar experience.
  • Media Profile Integration: Each location is wired to a centralized Drybar “media profile,” enhancing brand consistency.
  • Marketing Support: Guidance and support in various marketing channels, including social media, Public Relations, direct mail, and promotional materials.
  • Pre-Opening Training: Specialized training at your newly constructed shop to prepare for a successful launch.
  • Franchise Community: The opportunity to join a community of like-minded franchise owners, fostering knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

Embark on your Drybar franchise journey with confidence, knowing that their training and support are designed to empower you every step of the way.

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