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A MY SALON Suite franchise presents an enticing business opportunity, allowing prospective franchisees to empower hairstylists and beauticians.

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About MY SALON Suite

Welcome to MY SALON Suite, the premier salon suites franchise opportunity in North America with a thriving presence boasting over 275 locations and many more in the pipeline. Are you ready to find out more about this lucrative franchise opportunity that sets you up for success and which puts you ahead of the competition? Take a look for more details below.

What They Offer

MY SALON Suite fully understands that creative stylists and beauticians aspire to transcend the confines of a traditional salon. They seek the freedom to craft their own unique spaces and cultivate a loyal clientele. In turn, clients yearn for stylists who truly comprehend their individual preferences, often researching professionals on social media and seeking recommendations from friends to discover the perfect match.

As a MY SALON Suite owner, you provide an extraordinary opportunity for both stylists and clients to attain precisely what they desire, a concept that is highly sought after in today’s beauty industry landscape.

Setting themselves apart is their distinctive offering of fully-equipped, upscale suites, complete with a full-length style station, styling chair, shampoo sink, and color station. This combination of cutting-edge amenities not only elevates the stylist’s experience but also enhances the client’s journey, creating an exceptional environment that caters to their unique needs.

The Franchise Offering

A MY SALON Suite franchise presents an enticing business opportunity, allowing prospective franchisees to empower hairstylists and beauticians. As a franchise owner, you serve as a supportive landlord, offering health and beauty professionals the autonomy they desire. They have the creative freedom to design their personal suites, establish pricing strategies, and cultivate their own client base. MY SALON Suite stylists aren’t just professionals; they’re esteemed members of a vibrant and passionate community of creative entrepreneurs.

MY SALON Suite stands as the premier salon suite concept in North America, boasting over a decade of proven success. Franchise partners play a pivotal role in providing beauty professionals with the space and opportunity to become their own bosses, enjoying the unique freedom and flexibility inherent through their semi-absentee business model. This model typically requires minimal to no employees, demonstrating resilience in challenging economic climates, and offers a turnkey franchise opportunity.

Moreover, the franchisor’s suites are equipped with top-tier amenities, including a state-of-the-art security system, opulent bathrooms, and an inviting lobby. Stylists benefit from 24/7 access to their personal suites, granting them the flexibility to set their own working hours. Ensuring the safety of both stylists and clients, the double-door, buzzer-controlled entry system operates seamlessly around the clock. Each suite provides complete privacy, enabling stylists to personalize their workspace to their liking.

Who Are They Looking For?

The ideal franchisee for a MY SALON Suite opportunity is an entrepreneurially-minded individual seeking to expand their existing business venture into the world of franchising, providing hair stylists and beauticians with the autonomy of their personal workspace.

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The Cost

For prospective franchisees considering a MY SALON Suite opportunity, the financial requirements are as follows: a minimum net worth of $1,500,000 or more, with $500,000 in liquid assets, and a minimum credit score of 700. Additionally, it’s essential to have the financial capacity to sustain your lifestyle for the duration of 9 to 12 months during both the pre-opening and ramp-up phases of the franchise. These prerequisites ensure a strong foundation for your journey with MY SALON Suite.

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Training & Support

MY SALON Suite is dedicated to providing comprehensive training and unwavering support to prospective franchisees, ensuring their success in the salon suites business. The franchisor’s extensive support system encompasses various facets to simplify the process of opening and operating a MY SALON Suite franchise:

  • Training programs: MY SALON Suite franchise partners benefit from a dedicated team that assists with site selection using the franchisor’s proprietary mapping tool, offers real estate support, provides construction guidance, and delivers thorough training in marketing, leasing, and management. You are equipped with operational templates, manuals, and tools, along with access to national conferences, training meetings, and group support calls. Additionally, MY SALON Suite offers copyrighted marketing programs designed to maximize your location’s occupancy while nurturing the growth of tenant businesses.
  • Marketing support: As part of the franchisor’s commitment to franchisees, they extend their marketing expertise, training resources, and ongoing support. The parent brand’s proven process empowers franchisees to open and maintain high occupancy levels at their MY SALON Suite locations while simultaneously fostering tenant business growth. This support system encompasses various aspects, including recruiting top beauty professionals, implementing a comprehensive 360° Marketing Plan, setting your business apart from competitors, and providing valuable member benefits and tenant support programs.
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Next Steps

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