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The franchisor’s highly trained technicians excel in a wide range of services, encompassing trapping, exclusion, damage repair, home maintenance, animal transportation, deodorizing, air purification, municipal animal control, and various other wildlife management solutions.

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About the Critter Control Franchise

Critter Control, established in 1983, is a prominent figure in the world of wildlife nuisance control, with an exceptional commitment to humane removal and comprehensive exclusion practices. Their remarkable journey has witnessed significant growth, with the addition of 10 new franchise locations in 2019, the most substantial expansion since 2007, followed by six units in 2020, 12 in 2021, and an impressive nine in 2022.

With a substantial presence across more than 100 markets in the United States, including both franchise and corporate-owned locations, Critter Control boasts the distinction of being America’s largest wildlife nuisance company. Their mission is to safeguard both communities and wildlife through ethical practices and sustainable solutions.

As of December 31, 2022, the franchisor proudly counted 86 thriving franchises in its ever-growing family. Join the brand in their commitment to protecting both people and nature while unlocking the boundless opportunities within Critter Control’s flourishing franchise network.

What They Offer

Critter Control, headquartered in Atlanta, stands at the forefront of the industry, offering expert services in the realm of nuisance wildlife management.

Whether you’re dealing with rodents, raccoons, bats, birds, or other troublesome critters, the brand’s seasoned professionals at Critter Control are the trusted partners for homeowners, businesses, and municipalities alike.

Customers choose Critter Control for top-tier nuisance wildlife control, dedicated to safeguarding their property and ensuring peace of mind.


The Franchise Offering

As a proud member of the Critter Control franchise family, you’ll gain access to an array of invaluable resources and benefits that empower your wildlife management and home services business. The franchisor’s highly trained technicians excel in a wide range of services, encompassing trapping, exclusion, damage repair, home maintenance, animal transportation, deodorizing, air purification, municipal animal control, and various other wildlife management solutions. Critter Control locations cater to both residential and commercial customers, adapting service offerings to geographical and seasonal demands.

When you embark on your journey with Critter Control, you’ll leverage numerous advantages that set this franchise apart. Benefit from a distinct and instantly recognizable brand name, a top-ranking online presence, a team of qualified and certified experts, mentor networking opportunities, robust marketing support, exclusive group purchase discounts, comprehensive initial training, ongoing skill development programs, and much more.

Who Are They Looking For?

While no specific prior experience is mandatory, Critter Control highly values franchisees who possess a strong business background, as it can be particularly advantageous. If you have any prior experience in pest and wildlife control, it’s certainly a plus.

Above all, they are seeking individuals who are enthusiastic, driven, and eager to learn, as these qualities are fundamental to succeeding as part of the Critter Control franchise family.

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The Cost

The investment required for a Critter Control franchise opportunity is influenced by market size. Your journey begins with an initial franchise fee, which starts at $64,875 and may go up to $101,900. Your overall estimated initial investment will fall within a range of $83,550 to $240,275. To kickstart your venture, allocate between $9,200 and $38,500 for essential equipment and opening inventory. Additionally, ensure you have a compliant black truck adorned with the appropriate decals to represent your brand.


Critter Control, in collaboration with its parent company Rollins, Inc. and its consumer finance division, Rollins Acceptance Company, offers prospective franchisees access to financing options, potentially covering up to 90% of their funding needs. This support ensures that aspiring franchise owners have the financial resources required to embark on their Critter Control venture with confidence.


Training & Support

Critter Control is committed to providing comprehensive training and unwavering support to its new franchisees to ensure their success in the wildlife control industry. Their franchise owners benefit from an extensive range of training programs and ongoing support initiatives.

  • State-of-the-art training facility: In Atlanta, Georgia, their state-of-the-art Critter Control Learning Center serves as the hub for franchisee training. This multi-million dollar facility offers both hands-on and distance learning opportunities, providing an immersive and dynamic learning experience for all trainees. The curriculum includes classroom instruction, field training, and an interactive internet-based system that connects with employees worldwide. The facility spans over 26,000 square feet and features simulated environments, including outdoor pavilions, a full-size house, commercial kitchen, bakery, and various other realistic settings that prepare trainees for real-world wildlife control scenarios. These training environments ensure that franchisees acquire the skills needed to manage wildlife damage effectively, economically, and safely.
  • Hands-on training: The franchisor offers practical, hands-on training within their facility, allowing franchise owners to practice their skills in simulated environments, such as a full-size house and outdoor pavilions.
  • Training environments: The franchisor’s training facility features a diverse array of environments, including a commercial kitchen, hospital room, warehouse, and more, all designed to replicate settings commonly encountered in the field. This integrated approach equips trainees with a comprehensive understanding of wildlife control.
  • Training programs: Critter Control offers a range of industry-related training programs, including detailed operations manuals with online access, advertising and promotional materials, uniform merchandising materials, and various customized business forms.
  • Initial training: You will receive initial one-week training sessions at their Atlanta, GA facility. This training covers foundational knowledge and skills necessary for success in the wildlife control industry.
    Ongoing support: Critter Control franchisees benefit from ongoing support and regional training. The Critter Chatter newsletters keep franchise owners informed, and their internal communications networks, including CritterNet and WorkPlace, facilitate direct communication with fellow franchisees and corporate staff.
  • Field service software: The franchisor offers access to ServiceBridge, which is their comprehensive Field Service Software, designed to streamline business operations, from estimating to managing customer relationships. It includes both desktop and mobile versions to enhance workflow efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Training and support

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