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Franchise opportunities in Kansas worth discovering!

Aspiring entrepreneurs – are you looking to explore franchise opportunities in Kansas? You’ve come to the right place. That’s because Franchise Fame’s franchisor portal offers you a broad range of franchise opportunities to explore, in different industries and at varying investment levels. But why consider Kansas in the first place? There are many reasons behind this. Among the leading ones are:

  • The state has a median household income of $69,747 and there are around 256,950 small businesses, shaping what is considered a healthy and robust market with considerable spending power.
  • Economic growth in the third quarter of 2023 was impressive, leading the nation with a 9.7% increase. During the same period, personal income also rose by 4.9%.
  • The state offers a range of incentives and support mechanisms that encourage business growth, including in the realm of franchising. Examples of such programs include Promoting Employment Across Kansas (PEAK) and Kansas Industrial Training (KIT). These programs provide tax benefits and training incentives for businesses that create jobs.
  • There are also various tax credits and exemptions.
  • Kansas’ economy ranks 33rd in size in the US. 
  • Per capita income is $34,968 with total retail sales per capita of $13,514.
  • Unemployment in the state is lower than the national average at 2.7% as of July 2023.

The population of Kansas is 2.9 million and it’s distributed across small and large cities, including Wichita, Overland Park, Kansas City, Olathe, and Topeka. In terms of Overland Park, the city is a thriving hotspot for food franchises. Average household income for this location is $135,291, indicating the population’s rising disposable income. Entertainment and apparel are other sectors where franchisors can find success. Wichita, on the other hand, offers great opportunities for automotive franchises to set up shop. 

As for pursuing a franchise ownership opportunity, here’s what you need to know about franchising in Kansas. Kansas is considered a non-registration state for franchising. This means there are no requirements for franchisors to register their franchise disclosure document (FDD) or obtain approval from the state before selling franchises in Kansas. However, although Kansas doesn’t have its own franchise laws, franchisors still need to comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s Franchise Rule. This rule mandates that franchisors provide potential franchisees with a current FDD at least 14 days before the sale or any agreement is signed. The FDD discloses important information about the franchise opportunity, including financial performance and risks.

Overall, there are many sound reasons to consider franchises for sale in Kansas. These business opportunities offer aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to start a business with a trusted and established partner at their side. What does this mean? Working with the franchising model, business owners not only have the chance to legally operate under the umbrella of the franchise brand, they also get extensive training to ensure that their business is set up and ready to accept customers from day one. 

Kansas franchises also come with extensive support systems and networks of like-minded individuals. Tapping into the franchisee network of an established franchise brand means being able to go in business with support from trusted sources. People who have already been through your experience and who know how to navigate the franchising environment.

In addition to this, franchises in Kansas are available at a variety of investment levels. This means you can find affordable franchises that meet your unique budget and needs. With a franchise business, you now truly have the chance to become an entrepreneur while pursuing your personal and professional aspirations. It’s about working with a proven business model whose concept has been tried and tested over many years, indicating its soundness.

So, if you are looking for available franchises for sale, Kansas could be the perfect place to set up shop and gear up for business success. And if navigating the world of franchising seems daunting or challenging, know that there is always a friendly team at Franchise Fame, ready to help in every way we can. Simply reach out to us and we’ll help you source the perfect franchise opportunity that is ideal for your personal and professional goals and dreams. Get started on the road to franchising today with Franchise Fame at your side!

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Automotive & Car Franchise

Fleet Clean

Fleet Clean specializes in delivering cutting-edge mobile truck washing services with a robust presence throughout the United States.

Min. Investment


Children & Childcare


Algorithmics stands as a beacon of innovation and opportunity in the realm of childhood education, offering a transformative journey into the world of programming for young minds aged 6 to 18.

Min. Investment


Cleaning Franchises

The Glass Guru

In 2004, founders Dan and Joy Frey discovered an innovative method used in Canada that restored faulty dual-pane windows, making them look new without replacing the glass.

Min. Investment


Automotive & Car Franchise


Welcome to the unparalleled opportunity of joining the Fibrenew franchise family, where their mastery in restoring leather, plastic, and vinyl has thrived for almost four decades.

Min. Investment


Marketing & Advertising

Our Town America

Welcome to the extraordinary opportunity of joining Our Town America, the trailblazer in New Mover Marketing since 1972.

Min. Investment


With a rich history dating back to 1992, the Dream Vacations brand proudly emerged in 2016.

Min. Investment


Green Franchises

Green Home Solutions

Green Home Solutions is a rapidly expanding indoor air quality franchise, boasting a strong presence with over 200 locations nationwide.

Min. Investment


pizza factory logo

Pizza Factory

With a strong presence boasting over 100 locations spanning five states along the vibrant West Coast, the Pizza Factory franchise system is poised for nationwide expansion.

Min. Investment


Yogi camp logo

Embrace a legacy of success that began in 1969 when Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp Resorts introduced its pioneering franchise model.

Min. Investment


Care & Elderly Services

HomeWell Care Services

Join the HomeWell Care family, where over 70 franchisees have found their path to success across 140+ territories.

Min. Investment