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The state of Missouri has a sizable population of 6.1 million people, making for an attractive and solid consumer base. And with 2.4 million households with a median household income of $71,520, it’s definitely a great location to consider if you’re looking for franchise opportunities in Missouri. There are a staggering number of small businesses, adding up to around 520,000, meaning that the business environment is friendly and supportive for new and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make it in the state.

Some of the main reasons to consider Missouri the home state of your franchise business are:

  • Missouri’s economy ranks 22nd in size among US states.
  • The state’s real gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate in the first quarter of 2023 was 2.6% per year or a monetary value of $393.3 billion. It accounts for 1.5% of the US’s total economy.
  • The low unemployment rate of 3.1% is lower than the national average.
  • Missouri’s largest industry by GDP is manufacturing (such as food and beverages, chemicals, and electronics) although other strong and prominent industries include agriculture. Additionally, the service sector, including government, financial services, and health services, plays a vital role in the state’s economy, with tourism also showing promising growth.
  • The Missouri 2030 initiative has been launched as a strategic plan to prepare the workforce, foster a competitive business climate, and unite the business community.

Some of the state’s largest cities include Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield, Columbia, and Independence with the state capital being Jefferson City.

When it comes to St. Louis, the city offers a robust corporate environment for business services franchises. In particular, the city is well-suited to consulting firms, IT services, and other B2B services. In addition, St. Louis has a vibrant retail scene. In fact, total retail expenditure in 2023 was valued at $2.98 billion. This is a strong signal to prospective franchisees looking at retail franchises that include restaurants, grocery stores, or entertainment venues. Other areas worth considering in St. Louis include home services, furnishing, and real estate.

Meanwhile, Kansas City is seeing a rise in work-from-home opportunities, presenting a fertile ground for home-based or delivery-based entrepreneurs and businesses.

Missouri’s business landscape:

  • Thriving healthcare: The healthcare and social assistance sector remains a major employer, offering potential for businesses operating in related fields.
  • Manufacturing resurgence: While traditionally strong, manufacturing experienced a dip in recent years but is now showing signs of revival, presenting opportunities for related businesses.
  • Tech sector development: While not as prominent as in some other states, Missouri’s tech industry is witnessing growth, offering opportunities in areas like cybersecurity and data analytics.

Challenges and key considerations:

  • Workforce development: Attracting and retaining skilled workers, particularly in tech and other specialized fields, remains a challenge for Missouri businesses.
  • Rural vs. urban divide: Economic opportunities and growth are concentrated more in urban areas, leaving some rural communities lagging behind. Bridging this gap could unlock further potential.
  • Infrastructure needs: Investments in infrastructure are crucial for maintaining Missouri’s competitiveness, particularly in transportation and broadband access.

Opportunities for the future:

  • Leveraging existing strengths: Capitalizing on existing strengths in sectors such as agriculture, food processing, and logistics can generate further growth.
  • Embracing innovation: Fostering a culture of innovation and supporting startups can unlock new opportunities and attract talent.
  • Building a skilled workforce: Investing in education and training programs can address workforce shortages and attract new businesses.
  • Promoting sustainability: Integrating sustainable practices into business operations can appeal to environmentally conscious consumers and create new opportunities.

Overall, the landscape and environment for Missouri franchises is healthy and robust, offering aspiring entrepreneurs amazing franchise business opportunities. And just a few of the reasons why you should consider franchises in Missouri when ready to start a business are that franchising comes with a proven and tested business model that offers you a solid foundation for your new venture.

The fact that the business model has been refined and tested over the years indicates a stronger likelihood of success for you. This, coupled with an established industry reputation through a recognized brand name, ensures customers are drawn to your business and that finding and retaining them becomes easier.

Other great reasons to consider the franchises for sale in Missouri that we present to you on our franchise portal include that franchising in the state is accompanied by intensive yet helpful and insightful training, which sets you up for success. This is bolstered by continued and ongoing support from both the franchisor and the wider franchisee network community, meaning you’ll never feel like you’re in business alone.

And to add the cherry on top of the cake, there are affordable franchises, which means that you can choose a low-cost franchise to suit your budget and to ensure your road to business ownership remains unhindered yet affordable.So, when you’re looking for available franchises for sale in Missouri, get in touch with our team at Franchise Fame. We have extensive industry experience and can help guide you through the process seamlessly.

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Fleet Clean

Fleet Clean specializes in delivering cutting-edge mobile truck washing services with a robust presence throughout the United States.

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Children & Childcare


Algorithmics stands as a beacon of innovation and opportunity in the realm of childhood education, offering a transformative journey into the world of programming for young minds aged 6 to 18.

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Fast Food Franchises

Chicken Salad Chick

Welcome to the flavorful world of Chicken Salad Chick, where a simple idea planted in Auburn, AL, in 2008 has blossomed into a thriving franchise that’s capturing the hearts and taste buds of people across the nation.

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Fitness & Gym Franchises

Soccer Shots

Since they began franchising in 2005, Soccer Shots has consistently set the benchmark in youth soccer education.

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Coffee Franchises

Wetzel’s Pretzels

In 1994, the delectable journey of Wetzel’s Pretzels began with the vision of two passionate entrepreneurs, Rick Wetzel and Bill Phelps.

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Cleaning Franchises

Two Maids

Discover a world of exceptional opportunities with Two Maids, a proud member of the Home Franchise Concepts family.

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Automotive & Car Franchise

Glass Doctor

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Green Franchises

Insulation Commandos

Insulation Commandos is a leading name in the home insulation industry, dedicated to making homes more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

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Commercial Cleaning Franchises

Enviro-Master Services

Enviro-Master is not just a service provider; it’s a trusted partner ensuring hygiene and safety in countless businesses.

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Children & Childcare

Creative World

Welcome to the world of endless creativity and boundless imagination – welcome to the Creative World franchise opportunity!

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