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Welcome to the exciting world of Rhea Lana’s franchise opportunity! Join this dynamic team where hard work and camaraderie go hand in hand.

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About Rhea Lana's

Welcome to the exciting world of Rhea Lana’s franchise opportunity! Join this dynamic team where hard work and camaraderie go hand in hand. At Rhea Lana’s, they not only strive for success, but they also embrace the joy of living life together. Their enthusiasm for the future is fueled by their commitment to serving families across America. With a current presence in 24 states and ongoing expansion, the potential for growth is boundless.

Since pioneering this franchise venture in 2008, they have emerged as experts and trailblazers in the consignment event industry. Now, you are invited to be part of their thriving community and share in the excitement of shaping the future of family-focused business. Join them in making a positive impact while enjoying the fulfillment of both professional and personal success.

What They Offer

Rhea Lana’s offers a unique and comprehensive range of products and services tailored to meet the needs of families and individuals participating in consignment events. As a prospective customer, you can expect:

  • High-Quality Consignment Items: Rhea Lana’s is renowned for offering a curated selection of high-quality, gently-used items for families, including children’s clothing, toys, baby gear, furniture, and more. Customers can confidently browse through well-maintained consignment items that align with their commitment to quality.
  • Affordable Shopping Experience: Enjoy an affordable shopping experience where you can find top-notch, gently-used items at prices significantly below retail. Rhea Lana’s empowers families to save money while still providing quality products for their needs.
  • Consignment Opportunities: Rhea Lana’s provides a platform for individuals to participate in consignment events, allowing them to sell their gently-used items. This not only benefits sellers by providing a convenient way to declutter and earn extra income but also contributes to the sustainability and recycling of goods.
  • Community Engagement: Beyond the transactions, Rhea Lana’s fosters a sense of community among customers. The consignment events bring people together, creating a shared experience and sense of camaraderie among families who value quality, affordability, and sustainability.
  • Event Atmosphere: Rhea Lana’s events are more than just shopping – they are engaging and enjoyable experiences for families. Customers can explore a wide variety of products, participate in themed events, and enjoy a positive and family-friendly atmosphere.
  • Online and In-Person Shopping Options: Rhea Lana’s understands the importance of flexibility. Customers can choose to shop in person at physical consignment events or conveniently explore available items online, making it accessible for a broader audience.

Trusted Brand: With a history dating back to 1997, Rhea Lana’s has become a trusted brand in the consignment industry. Customers can rely on the brand for its commitment to quality, community, and a positive shopping experience.

The Franchise Offering

Unlock the freedom to tailor your work schedule around your life with a Rhea Lana’s franchise. As a franchise owner, you enjoy unparalleled flexibility, catering to your busy lifestyle. This is particularly valuable for mothers who understand the importance of balancing work and family commitments.

  • Flexible Schedule: Rhea Lana’s franchise owners enjoy the flexibility to work around their busy schedules, accommodating the demands of family life.
  • Gradual Build-Up: Begin with just a few hours per week during the off-season and gradually transition to a more full-time role as the event season approaches.
  • Year-Round Flexibility: The franchise model allows for year-round flexibility, providing owners with the freedom to manage their time effectively.
  • Family-Centric Scheduling: Franchisees have the liberty to schedule events at the most convenient time of the year for their families.
  • Work-Life Balance: Rhea Lana’s franchise ownership offers a win-win situation, striking a balance between entrepreneurial pursuits and family commitments.

Who Are They Looking For?

Successful Rhea Lana’s franchisees typically demonstrate the following qualities:


  • Passion for the Industry: Franchisors often seek individuals who have a genuine interest in and enthusiasm for the products or services the franchise offers.
  • Alignment with Brand Values: Franchisees should align with the brand’s values, mission, and overall ethos. This alignment helps maintain consistency across the franchise network.
  • Financial Capability: Franchisees need to have the financial capacity to invest in the franchise, cover initial startup costs, and sustain the business until it becomes profitable.
  • Business Acumen: While prior experience in the specific industry may not always be required, a strong business sense and general entrepreneurial skills are often valued.
  • Commitment and Dedication: Successful franchisees are typically committed to the success of their business. This includes being actively involved in day-to-day operations and adhering to the franchise system.

Customer Service Orientation: Rhea Lana’s is looking for individuals who prioritize excellent customer service, as this is crucial for maintaining and building a positive brand reputation.

The Cost

Franchise costs and fees Summary for Rhea Lana’s:

  • Franchise Fee: The franchise fee for an exclusive territory varies based on size, ranging from $16,500 to $19,500. Rhea Lana’s Franchises are competitively priced, offering substantial value compared to similar franchises.
  • Royalties: The royalty percentage starts at 3% and decreases as your sales increase. This unique model supports your event’s success and allows you to retain more of your earnings, contrary to traditional franchise structures.
  • Launch Investment: To launch your first event, anticipate a franchise fee between $11,900 and $14,900, with an additional investment of $20,000 to $25,000. This comprehensive investment covers the initial setup and hosting costs.

Multi-Unit Opportunities: Existing franchise owners have the option to expand their business by purchasing additional territories. Owning multiple franchises with Rhea Lana’s presents various advantages, and further details can be discussed with our team.

Training & Support

Training and support for Rhea Lana’s franchisees:

Annual Owners Conference:

  • Celebratory gathering with Rhea Lana’s family.
  • Collaborative sessions for innovative ideas and industry insights.

Training and Support:

  • Extensive training program included with the franchise fee.
  • A corporate team member attends your first event at no additional charge.
  • Provision of an owner’s manual for comprehensive guidance.
  • Corporate mentor assigned for ongoing support.
  • Weekly event season webinars for continuous learning.

Franchise Fee Inclusions:

  • Access to a proprietary point of sale program.
  • Email system and website for effective communication.
  • Rhea Lana store for operational support.
  • Sign package and banner for event promotion.
  • Inclusion in an incredibly valuable and supportive franchise community

Next Steps

If you’re contemplating pursuing this franchise opportunity, simply send an enquiry and request further information. It’s easily done – fill out this form and submit it. It will take just seconds.


The information provided on this page is obtained from sources available freely on the internet. No responsibility for factual inaccuracies should be attributed to Franchise Fame.

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