Franchise Opportunities for Veterans in the United States of America

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Veteran Franchise Industry Overview

In the United States, there are approximately 733,000 franchise establishments that support nearly 7.6 million direct jobs. In addition, their economic output contributes $674.3 billion to the US economy and 2.5% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Of this major number of 733,000 franchises, around 14% are owned by military veterans, even though they only account for approximately 7% of the population. Veteran franchise opportunities are worth pursuing because vets are much more likely to hire other vets and spread the opportunity, prosperity, and job creation that franchising offers.

There are many franchises for veterans or franchise opportunities for military veterans for several reasons. Among these include the fact that according to, 99% of franchise owners think that vets make for a good franchise fit, 97% of vets are considered excellent franchisees, and 70% of franchises have a veteran franchisee or employee.

Also worth noting is that nearly 90% of veterans and active duty service members expect to start a second career after they leave the military, and nearly two-thirds of these envision owning a business as part of their career path. It is no wonder then that over 630 companies offer special incentives for veterans who want to buy a franchise.

Veteran Franchise Industry Trends in 2023

Retiring military personnel looking for franchise opportunities for veterans are in luck because there are many veteran-friendly franchises and veteran business opportunities in a broad range of sectors.

Among the top franchises, there are opportunities for veterans in a wide array of sectors including automotive, home décor, restaurants, hair salons, elder care, shipping, hardware, and more.

However, when it comes to choosing the best franchises for veterans, a couple of trends and factors come to the fore. As such, prospective franchise business owners should consider the following:

  • The amount and nature of the discount
  • The franchisor’s reputation and brand name
  • There is high demand for their products and services
  • There is low competition in a given geographical area, and
  • Strong training and support are provided.

Why you should consider opening a franchise as a veteran

Veterans in franchising are already trained for the world of franchise business ownership. Whether you choose to purchase a small business or a larger franchise unit, you can avail of several benefits as a veteran franchisee.

For starters, you do not need prior business or industry experience. That’s because franchisors will train you to set up your franchise business including aspects such as marketing, accounting set-up, vendor relations, operating, pricing and more.

Secondly, you can avail of important benefits or veteran incentives. Examples include reduced initial franchise fees – either as a fixed sum or as a percentage of the cost.

Thirdly, there’s a myriad of franchise opportunities for veterans and you can choose among industries such as home services, senior care, fitness, childcare, tutoring, real estate, junk removal, painting lines in parking lots, mobile flooring retailers, dog-walking, and a lot more. In fact, there are over 2,000 franchise business brands available today.

In fourth place, you can take advantage of free franchise coaching services for veterans.

Fifth, veterans are perfectly suited for franchising because they possess a number of skills that make them advantageous business partners. Among these characteristics and skills include discipline, perseverance, problem solving, adaptability, organizational skills, teamwork, leadership, flexibility, and others.

Of course, the top franchises for veterans also offer extensive training and support, especially for vets who are new to business ownership.

In addition, the franchise business model is tested and proven and can make for successful veterans franchises. Access to financing can also be secured more easily as a veteran, including reduced initial fees or ongoing royalty payments.

How much does it cost to open a franchise business for veterans?

Because there are so many opportunities for vets in franchising, the franchise fee and royalty payments will differ from franchisor to franchisor. However, veterans can get a helping hand in the initial phases of business ownership through reduced franchise fees or even reduced royalty payments. For example, veterans can get from 5% to 50% off on the initial franchise fee. In other cases, there are lump sum discounts on the franchise fee.

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