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Franchise software systems will improve your productivity and benefit your existing franchise partners.
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A bespoke system will simplify and streamline the franchise recruitment process and ensure your franchisees choose the right candidates.
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Website Design & Build

A custom, search engine optimised site will enhance your ranking and enable you to attract more franchisees.
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Territory Mapping

The cutting edge mapping software will allow you to efficiently define new territories and enhance existing ones.
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We innovate and optimise

Thanks to our carefully designed ecosystem of services, we can support your technology needs by introducing software in your business that optimises processes, and in this way, save you time and money.
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Exciting case studies

Make Your Life as a Franchisor Easier

Being a franchisor isn’t easy. You have many responsibilities. You must run your own business, recruit new employees, define new territories, manage your online presence and so much more. But what if there was a way for you to make all of these complex tasks simpler? Today, there’s technology available that can help you do just that – it’s time for you to take advantage of it!

However, if you’ve got limited experience with software for franchises, for example, it will be difficult for you to identify what’s right for you. This is where Franchise Fame comes in. Our seasoned team is ready to assist you.

We’ll Help You Find the Right Tools

First things first, we need to understand your business model, your aims and your specific franchise buyer profile. Once you’ve provided us with this information, our team will help you determine what software and systems you need to succeed.

Utilise Specialist Software

Franchise software systems enable both you and your existing franchisees to automate or streamline a large number of processes. This includes, but isn’t limited to, staff rota creation and pay calculations as well as inventory and customer management. Furthermore, with the right software, you’ll be able to monitor your existing franchisees’ performance in terms of revenue, profits, losses, expenses and so on. Plus, you can get real-time sales data updates for your entire network, so you’ll know exactly where you stand at all times.

You should know that software for franchises has been proven to optimise inventory levels, increase sales, improve brand-wide marketing, increase productivity and so much more.

Have a Bespoke Website Designed & Built

With a well-designed, fully-optimised website you can increase your conversion rates, rank more highly in search engine results, improve your franchise sales and more.

Choose Franchise Fame as your website development company, and our team will work in close collaboration with you to create a site that meets your exact needs. The website we create for you will be able to meet the daily requirements of your customers and also integrate with your social media profiles – on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. What’s more, as part of our website development services, we’ll ensure that your site can be accessed through both smartphones and tablets.

Map Out Your Franchise Territories

It’s your responsibility as a franchisor to prove that each geographically defined territory you offer includes a sufficient amount of potential customers for a franchisee to create a profitable enterprise. There can’t be too many prospective clients as this would mean that your partner wouldn’t be able to serve them all and there can’t be too few or else they’d be unsatisfied. You must find the right balance. But don’t worry – you can now do this easily by utilising special franchise mapping tools. Although it’s important to realise that these mapping services will also enable you to maximise the potential of your existing territories so you can increase your sales.

Streamline the Franchise Recruitment Process

Recruiting new employees can be a difficult, time consuming, and intricate process for your franchisees. But it won’t be if they’re using recruitment automation software. Through a centralised platform, they’ll be able to develop relationships with candidates, effectively promote job opportunities and make the application process paper-free.

How You’ll Benefit

Time is precious. Particularly when you’re running a franchise network. By using systems specifically designed to aid franchisors, you’ll give yourself more time to focus on other aspects of your operation, while still achieving the same levels of productivity. In addition, your current franchisees will find it easier to build their own individual businesses, recruit new suitably skilled employees and establish themselves in their territories when they have tools that make their jobs easier. As a result of this, your network will expand at a much faster rate.

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The Franchise Fame team has over 100 years of collective experience, and we’re happy to give you the benefit of our franchise technology and software expertise.

We can also provide you with other expert services such as digital marketing, offline marketing and advertising. We’ll put your brand on the map!

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