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Tubz Brands Is a Prominent Vending Enterprise

Tubz Brands is a leader in the vending industry. The company has developed towers suitable for retail outlets, shopping centres, bars and other similar locations. They dispense confectionery products and other items and have become extremely popular.

The brand has helped many franchisees establish their own network of vending towers within exclusive areas. Would you be interested in one of these low cost franchise opportunities? Keep reading.

What’s So Special About Tubz Towers?

Tubz Brands’ towers are placed on specially designed floor stands, which give them a height of approximately 1.25 metres. Each tower is able to hold dozens of items. All of which are held within individual sealed see-through containers so customers can see exactly what they’re buying.

There are a wide variety of towers containing different types of products made by well-known brands. These include traditional chocolates, crisps, toys and even tapas.

Manage Your Operation From Home

There will be no need for you to purchase or rent an office. You can be home based and travel to your vending towers and new potential locations as required. Moreover, you won’t need to hire staff if you plan on keeping your enterprise small and you’ll be the one that decides whether you work part-time or full-time.

Shortly after you become a Tubz Brands franchise partner, you’ll be given a list of pre-confirmed business opportunities by the company and be able to set up your machines immediately. But it will be up to you to monitor the performance of your towers moving forward. For instance, if you find that a specific tower isn’t generating enough revenue, you’ll need to relocate it to a new location that you yourself identify. Although, you’ll have the option of asking the Tubz Brands team to find additional locations for you for a small fee.

What will your responsibilities be? You’ll talk to property owners about the possibility of setting up a vending tower on their premises, market your operation, restock your machines as needed and perform maintenance if necessary.

This Franchise Opportunity Is Suitable for All

You don’t need marketing experience to run a vending machine franchise. In fact, it doesn’t matter what your professional background is, Tubz Brands will still be able to train you to handle all of the responsibilities associated with your new role. All you require is dedication and determination.

A Breakdown of the Brand’s Franchise Bundles

A Tubz Brands franchise costs a minimum of £3,295 plus VAT. For this amount, you’ll get the brand’s Bronze Bundle. This includes 10 towers, 10 floor stands, 11 boxes of stock and 10 qualified tower locations. But there are three other options…

The Silver Bundle is priced at £7,485 plus VAT. You’ll receive a total of 25 towers, 25 floor stands, 25 boxes of stock and 25 locations.

The Gold Bundle is available for £14,475 plus VAT. It contains 50 towers, floor stands, boxes of stock and locations.

The Platinum Bundle is the most expensive option and costs £27,450 plus VAT. It features double the amount of towers, stands, boxes and locations included in the Gold Bundle.

All of the bundles described above include a 2-year equipment guarantee, corporate clothing, full training, ongoing support and advice and more. Tubz Brands estimates that with just 10 towers and with only 10 sales made per tower every week, you could earn up to £2,340 in gross profit weekly. But specific figures cannot be guaranteed.


Due to the fact that they generally don’t require brick-and-mortar establishments or have high start-up costs, vending franchises are relatively inexpensive. But there’s no guarantee you’ll have the capital you need to partner with Tubz Brands immediately. If this is the case, you should consider asking for a loan from a major bank.

Training & Support

To ensure you get the assistance you need while you’re managing your vending franchise, Tubz Brands will assign you a dedicated customer manager. Further to this, a fully qualified engineer will be available to you round-the-clock if you encounter any issues with your towers.

Contacting the Company Couldn’t Be Simpler

If you’re contemplating pursuing this franchise opportunity, send an enquiry and request further information. It’s easily done – fill out this form and submit it. It will take just seconds.

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