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About Accentia Franchise Consultants

Accentia Franchise Consultants is able to help, advise and guide both franchisors and prospective franchisees.

In addition to this, Accentia is also a franchisor itself and is currently offering franchise opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs. Find out more here…

What Exactly Does the Company Offer?

Accentia Franchise Consultants is able to help business owners determine whether franchising is the right move for them. When approached for assistance, the company assigns a team to assess a specific organisation’s suitability and capability. They’re able to offer a ‘start to finish’ service that includes this initial assessment as well as the provision of bespoke franchise marketing materials, assistance with territory mapping and a full or partial recruitment service. If the full option is chosen, Accentia will also interview potential franchisees on the client’s behalf.

Prospective franchisees are also able to come to the brand and request a personalised consultation. The team will identify franchises that are suited to a client’s skills and experience, introduce them to reliable moneylenders and even negotiate and review franchise terms, as needed.

How Partnering With Accentia Would Work

As an Accentia Franchise Consultants franchise partner, you’d run your own consultancy operation, providing all of the services the company has become known for. You’d use its tried and tested business processes and receive continued support.

What’s more, to ensure you’d have a large enough number of business opportunities to capitalise upon, Accentia would assign you a geographically-defined territory – no other franchisee would be able to operate within its boundaries.

But before you took over your franchise, you’d be fully trained and provided with all the tools and systems you’d need. You will also benefit from the relationships that Accentia has established over the years as well as its reputation. How so? Generally, prospective franchisors and franchisees will only accept assistance from well-known consultants. But this won’t be an issue for you as you’ll inherit the Accentia trade name. Therefore, you’ll be trusted from the start.

Learn Who’s Best Suited

The team at Accentia Franchise Consultants is on the lookout for self-motivated and ambitious entrepreneurs with both leadership and communication skills. If this description fits you, don’t hesitate – you should grab this remarkable franchise business opportunity.

The Cost

An Accentia Franchise Consultants franchise costs a minimum of £15,000, although prices can vary. The total investment will depend on factors such as location. Accentia will provide this figure once you apply.

The package you purchase will encompass not only training and your own territory but ongoing support, too.


Were you aware that business franchises have a far higher success rate than independent startups? There’s compelling statistical evidence and you’ll be able to use it to your advantage if you need to approach moneylenders for a loan. Accentia Franchise Consultants’ track record of success as a franchisor will also encourage any investor you speak to.

Here’s how it will work: firstly, you must write a business plan. This document must include a description of all aspects of the potential operations. This means market analysis, the organisation and management structure, your marketing and sales strategy and more. Secondly, you’ll present this plan, normally in the franchise department of a major financial institution. Thirdly and finally, your loan application will be approved or denied. It’s that simple.

Training & Support

From the very start of your new venture, Accentia Franchise Consultants will give you its full support. You’ll go through intensive training, after which you’ll know everything there is to know about the brand’s model and processes.

Then, once your business franchise has launched, you’ll be able to use the company’s state-of-the-art IT and CRM systems. This Customer Relationship Management software has been designed to automatically respond to incoming enquiries, and it will enable you to handle your contacts as well as your current marketing initiatives. On top of this, you’ll be provided with a fully integrated website with a dedicated landing page and email, which will greatly increase your enterprise’s visibility.

As you move forward and start to help both your franchisor and franchisee clients, the Accentia team will keep in contact with you and answer any questions you may have.

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